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Discover in this category products that are not vaping products! Curious about a Vape site, isn't it? You will probably say to yourself: but what is the relationship with the electronic cigarette? Well, the products present in this category are products from players in the world of vaping, from partner brands that we follow closely! These include wellness-type products, which work for good causes. For example, you will find honey from the Protect e-liquid brand, which fights for the protection of bees (for each e-liquid purchased, Protect donates a percentage of the sale to an association). This honey comes from beehives sponsored by the brand. You will also find products derived from other brands, such as Teas created by the alchemist Al-Kimiya, with high-end tea that will remind you of his delicious elixirs to vape that we no longer present. Let yourself be tempted by the benefits of these products from our partners that we offer, which like vaping, will bring you satisfaction and good health.

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