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Best quality e-liquids with nicotine or nicotine-free

The e-liquid quality is as important as the e-cigarette itself to give the best vapping experience. This is why Freevap puts so much effort on selecting the right ones. E-liquids we have picked are with nicotine or nicotine-free, provides you a huge choice of flavour, and are from the best supplier. We only sell food quality certified flavors (hyperlink) e-liquids, coming from ISO certified french laboratories. Our bottle stoppers are child safety designed.

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Polar Mint - Pulp | 10ml
Fresh,Ice mint
Nicotine content
Price CHF5.90
Vape pen disposable Geek Bar - Geek Vape
Red Astaire - T-Juice | 10ml
Nicotine content
Tobacco Tribeca - Halo | 10ml
Classic blond,Vanilla,Toffee
Nicotine content