Tea Arthémisia N°1 - Al-Kimiya | 100 g

The great alchemist of vape, the manufacturer Al-Kimiya shows us that its talents do not stop at the concoction of elixirs to vape. With its range of tea Arthémisia, Al Kimiya intends to vibrate our teapots as its juices have vibrated our e-cigarettes.

The tea Arthémisia No. 1 hides in its beautiful metal box a real potion ready for infusion. Once drowned in your cauldron of boiling water, the Ceylon black tea will deliver its full-bodied and bitter flavor to which will be added the eccentricity Al-Kimiya to be sure that the magic operates. Beyond the tea with its intense taste, you will find aromas of love apple, pear and caramel whose greediness has already proven itself in the inevitable e-liquid Love Philter.

Tea from Sri Lanka.

Recipe developed in France by Al-Kimiya

Net weight: 100 g

Tea Arthémisia N°1 by Al-Kimiya: From clearo to cup

From the clearo to the cup, there is only one step, this is what the French manufacturer Al-Kimiya with its collection of teas ready to make the teapots whistle.

The Arthémisia N°1 tea, with a simple addition of boiling water, allows to obtain a real potion with masterful flavors. Harvested in the highlands of Sri Lanka, this intense Ceylon black tea is softened by gourmet notes of sweet apple, pear and caramel. An ideal tea for an enchanting breakfast.

Tea from Sri Lanka.

Recipe elaborated in France by Al-Kimiya

Net weight : 100 g

How to prepare its tea Arthémisia N°1 :

Quantity : 10 to 12 g per liter of water

Infusion time: 3 to 5 minutes

Ideal temperature of infusion: 95°C

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