Tea Arthémisia N°3 - Al-Kimiya | 100 g

Add a little more Al-Kimiya to your daily life, because flavors like this, we can't get enough of it. Between two vape of Al-Khemist juice, why not sip one of its creations to drink with the range of teas and infusions Arthémisia.

Arthémisia N°3 infuses well-being into your body and mind with a surprising infusion in which all the ingredients give birth to a rich and harmonious taste experience. The naturally fruity sweetness of Rooibos serves as a solid base for a burst of flavors of lychee, raspberry and rose petals for an intensely Al-Kimiyestresult. Since Rooibos contains no caffeine, Arthémisia No. 3 can be enjoyed at any time of day without disturbing your precious sleep.

Rooibos harvested in South Africa.

Recipe developed in France by Al-Kimiya.

Net weight : 100 g

Tea Arthémisia No. 3 by Al-Kimiya, your potion to brew at home

Get out your best cauldron, the manufacturer of e-liquids Al-Kimiya offers you all the necessary ingredients to make a real potion at home with its range Arthémisia.

The Arthémisia No. 3 is a fruity and floral blend of Rooibos with notes of lychee, raspberry and rose petals. A simple addition of boiling water and the magic happens. Rooibos takes care of your immune system with its concentrated antioxidants, vitamin C and iron. Without caffeine, Arthémisia n°3 relies only on its unique combination of flavors to boost you and make you live a little moment of joy.

Rooibos harvested in South Africa.

Recipe developed in France by Al-Kimiya.

Net weight: 100 g.

Prepare well its infusion Arthémisia N°3:

Quantity: 15 g per liter of water

Infusion time: 5 to 8 minutes

Ideal temperature of infusion: 90 to 95°C

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