Recycle your electronic cigarette with Sens eRecycling

Make a difference by recycling your electronic cigarette

Freevap joins forces with sens erecycling for a greener future!

At Freevap, we are fully aware of the environmental and ecological impact of the electronic cigarette industry.

Made up of lithium batteries, vapes and puffs require special treatment in the recycling process. 

That's why we're proud to have Sens eRecycling as our partner, the best player in Switzerland in terms of recycling products made from batteries.

Sens eRecycling strives on a daily basis to support consumers and professionals in their recycling efforts by offering simple, practical solutions for collection, sorting and recycling. Their main objective is to offer a recycling solution to every electronic cigarette user with the aim of doing something for the environment.

- Why recycle your vape ? -

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Did you know?

With the boom in vaping and, above all, the explosion in puffs in Switzerland, 10 million electronic cigarettes will be sold by 2022 without any effective solution for their recycling and destruction.

The vast majority of these vapes will end up in the bin instead of being recycled properly.

This means that less than 10% of e-cigarettes placed on the Swiss market are disposed of properly. This is an alarming finding, and we all need to take responsibility and act together for the planet. 

Until now, there has been no nationwide take-back solution for e-cigarettes, making it difficult for both consumers and specialist retailers to return them.

- Composition of vapes and puffs -


Electronic cigarettes are much more than just electronic waste. They contain both valuable raw materials and pollutants.

That's why it's so important for vapes to be recycled, so that we can recover the raw materials and avoid releasing pollutants into the environment. Recycling is the key. 

Components of electronic cigarettes: They contain many recyclable materials that could be reused, such as plastic, steel, cobalt, nickel, aluminium and copper.

However, lithium batteries are particularly dangerous because they are easily flammable and contain heavy, harmful metals that require special treatment.

- How to recycle your vapes: what solutions? -

Sens eRecycling has found THE solution for users and professionals to ensure that vapes don't end up in the bin: 

Return your electronic cigarettes to the place where you can buy them.

Below is a schematic diagram of how to return your equipment.


In Switzerland, vapes and puffs can be returned free of charge to any point of sale!
It's practical, efficient and so important for the planet.

Here's what you need to do:

1/ Go to a partner shop or any other point of sale (kiosks, shops, etc.)

2/ Place your equipment in the box

3/ The collection and sorting phase begins!

What happens to the vapes collected?

The e-cigarettes are currently collected in bags called Vape Recycling Bags, then sent to a partner for recycling after being carefully sorted. 

They are then melted down at 1500°C. The molten mass contains ferromanganese and zinc, which are used for metal production depending on the possibilities. The unusable materials are disposed of in an environmentally-friendly manner.

- Find partner stores -

Are you looking for a retailer or collection point near to you?

Find all the collection points on the website: Recycling-map