Intervape by Freevap

Intervapes by Freevap

The Freevap shuttle is landing at your home, so that you can share with us the journey that led you to give up smoking. Through a series of interviews, we'll show you that despite an expedition that may be strewn with a few asteroids, it is possible to reach a smoke-free galaxy thanks to vape. The other aim of this mission is to encourage exchanges, sharing and learning between the cosmo-vapers and astro-vapers who make up the Freevap crew.

Episode 1 : Laure

In this first episode, we welcome Laure, a 25-year-old vapoter from Geneva and loyal Freevap customer. Laure has managed to say goodbye to traditional cigarettes and, more recently, to nicotine. Discover her inspiring story!

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The Freevap interview with our little cosmonauts
Episode 1

Hello !

Hi, I'm Laure, 25 years old and I live in Geneva.

When did you join the world of vaping?

I started vaping two years ago.

What triggered you off?

I'd been smoking about 10 cigarettes a day for 3 years and I wanted to stop. I tried several methods, including patches and chewing gum.
But it never really worked, I kept coming back to cigarettes.
A friend told me about electronic cigarettes and I wanted to give them a go.

What type of intergalactic vape do you use?

At first, I have to admit that the choice wasn't easy.
Because when you start using electronic cigarettes, there are so many possibilities that you don't know which one is right for you.
I was lucky enough to discover Freevap and get really good advice.
Today, I'm using a Doric 60W from Voopoo, and I'm really happy with it - I've even got three of them!

Which nicotine level?

I was advised to start with 6 mg/mL, because I wasn't a heavy smoker, and after a year I switched to 3 mg/mL
and now I've been at 0 mg/ml for six months.

What are your favourite intergalactic flavour destinations?

There are a lot of them. I only vape fresh fruity liquids, both in summer and winter.
If I had to say one, I'd say "prends le melon" by VDLV, which I really like.

Did you feel any changes when you left the dark side?

Yes, I felt the breath right away.
After a while, I felt the taste.
And then, for the people around me, it's more pleasant for them not to smell like a cold cigarette, and it's also saved me a lot of money.
I've even been able to use those savings to take a trip to Portugal.

Are you thinking of giving up vaping altogether?

Yes, that's the goal and that's why I started the electronic cigarette.
I overcame the biggest difficulty in giving up nicotine, as I'm at zero.
Now it's just a question of habit and gestures.

Do you have any advice for future vape cosmonauts?

First and foremost, I'd say get the right equipment and get advice, because you need something that suits you.
And also to have a flavour that you like, because otherwise you can quickly get bored of it.
And then, like everything else, when you want to stop,
you can't get frustrated, you have to listen to yourself and take it one step at a time.

A little anecdote?

I always carry 3 e-cigarettes in my handbag.
Because I'm extremely clumsy and absent-minded. I always lose one!
So, to avoid this kind of situation, I prefer to carry them with me!

Any last words?


Thank you Laure!

Thank you Freevap!

See you soon for a new Vape Interview with Freevap!