Our Story


It all started in 2012... Yes, you read that right... 2012 ! And yes, already! It seems that time flies when you're doing something you love..... 100% agree! And you give it back to us so well!

We've been working daily on this website you love so much for 10 years now, and it's been nothing but fun!

It all started about ten years ago, when the electronic cigarette began to make the news, slowly but surely.... At that time, many people wondered what this thing was... Between strangeness, technology and curiosity, the electronic cigarette has since made the buzz! 

Freevap was born from two enthusiasts of this product, both having succeeded in getting rid of tobacco via this revolutionary tool (this was in 2010). They had tried everything for years: chewing gum, patches, acupuncture..... Nothing had worked. Vape changed their lives! 

And yet, the equipment was far from being like today! Vaping devices and e-liquids have come a long way since 2010. At the time, it took courage! Between the leaks, the ridiculous autonomies and the insipid flavors ... But the basis was there! Quit smoking and get rid of the burning, while keeping the habits of inhaling a substance with a similar gesture, while having its nicotine intake, and what's more, with a wide range of flavours that gives much more pleasure than the awful taste we were all addicted to when burning tobacco. The key to success was there! And without the tar and carbon monoxide that do so much damage... So there was nothing to compare!

It is therefore with great interest that they became interested in personal vaping, its real functioning, the composition of the products, their danger or not... They then approached tobacco experts, read numerous scientific books and bought tons of products to compare them. Enthused by the product, an idea emerged in their heads: Create the very first online sales website for electronic cigarettes in Switzerland, and offer their knowledge and passion for the product to the greatest number, and thus allow many smokers to experience the same success as them with the electronic cigarette! 

Finally, FREEVAP.CH is born! With a DNA of its own: Helping smokers to become vapoteurs and to free themselves from the scourge of cigarettes!

Freevap.ch, a small sailboat that became an ocean liner that keeps the course in the tumultuous ocean of the vape.

We don't know if you can imagine it, but running a successful vape business is not an easy task today... You can't be afraid of the unexpected, let alone change, deconstruct everything to better rebuild. This sums up the 10 years of existence of freevap.ch very well.

Without you, all this would never have been possible! Your support, the many successful quits, all of this makes Freevap still exist and encourages us, every day, to go beyond ourselves to accompany you as best we can.

We don't know if you remember, but if you have followed the adventure from the beginning, you know that at the time, the sale of vaping products containing nicotine was forbidden in Switzerland. We had a very clear vision of the potential of vape, but some parameters were missing: without nicotine intake, smoking cessation by vape is not easy! So we fought tooth and nail to find the best way to offer vape products with nicotine despite the ban. And we succeeded: a complex solution allowing us to import these products with nicotine from France. It was not easy. But essential, it allowed us to exploit the maximum potential of vape still in this process of weaning. At the time, we were the very first player in the vape to offer such a system, which allowed the company to quickly stand out in the market. But it wasn't a glory without a price: a lot of confusion was created around the name Freevap, with the idea of a non-Swiss company. But, thanks to you and our unfailing tenacity, we stayed true to our original intention: to be able to offer all the possible benefits that vape products bring, while respecting the legislation.

This ban has finally been lifted. Welcome back to Switzerland! But this marked a major turning point for the Freevap company, which had to rebuild everything again. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, we rebuilt ourselves.

Today, we are able to offer you efficient and certified products, but also to deliver much faster, while keeping the fairest prices.

We will do everything to stay the course, combining our passion and our deepest convictions! For the sake of profit, no... But for you, and for what is right! Today, vape has been around for over 10 years, and we have scientific proof that it has more than its place in our environment. As you know, there are those who do not like vape, where financial interests predominate, and where the pharmaceutical and tobacco lobbies will always put a barrier as long as they can. We have no choice but to face this, and fight for our justified beliefs.

The evolution of the sector is of course positive, it is becoming more professional, and this is a good thing! This is our credo: to offer clean, controlled and certified vaping products. And avoid any risk to health. This is also part of our DNA. Your satisfaction is what matters most to us. And it is today, when the vape is the target of many evils, that we must know how to show white pattee and continue in the direction we have chosen.

With all these ups and downs, Freevap has evolved and grown a lot. In 2012, we were 4. Today, we are almost twenty at your service! Just thinking about it gives us chills and a little tear in our eye. And for that, we can only say a BIG THANK YOU <3 Since the beginning, we have moved 3 times. We started in a small warehouse of 150 m2... Today, we have more than 1000 m2 to serve you, with a catalog of more than 60000 references, and great manufacturers and partners, just like our customers (yes, you!).

10 years, can you believe it? We would be delighted to spend another 10 years with you! For you, for your pleasure, for your health!

A big THANK YOU again for your commitment and your loyalty to Freevap, against all odds! We will do everything to and hope to live up to your expectations.

We have loved you for 10 years, and for a long time to come!

Your Freevap.ch team