How to choose your first e-cigarette

First of all, it is important to understand what an e-cig is made of and how it works. The principle is simple: a battery sends power to a coil which heats a liquid to vaporise it. The principle is therefore simple, but it is a real innovation.

From a health point of view, the electronic cigarette does not emit any combustion unlike a traditional cigarette, and therefore does not give off carbon monoxide (a cause of cancer in smokers). Now in existence for over a decade, the electronic cigarette has proven itself to consumers as the best way to help them quit smoking.

Composition and functioning of an electronic cigarette

Components of an electronic cigarette

The battery is the real engine of the electronic cigarette and is an element to be taken into account when buying your vape equipment. Many types of battery are available, of different brands and autonomies. Removable or not, they allow the heating of the clearomizer and are rechargeable. The autonomy of the electronic cigarette is calculated in mAh.The higher this figure is, the more autonomy it will have and the longer you will be able to vapourise without interruption!


The base of the clearomizer is also the element connected to the battery, allowing the two elements to work together. It holds the resistance in place. Often, it is the support of the airflow ring, which allows you to modulate the opening of your clearomizer, and its level of steam.


The resistance is the organ of your equipment. It allows the heating of your e-liquid creating the steam that you inhale with your equipment. The resistance has a limited life and must be changed every 2 weeks.

Each clearomizer incorporates resistors that are specific to it, so it is essential to take the right ones. For the same material, there may be several variations of resistance, designed for different uses.

The value of a resistor is calculated in oHm. The higher the oHm number (1.8, 1.6 etc.) the more suitable it is for a tight draw. Conversely, the lower the number (0.25, 0.5 etc.), the more suitable it is for an airy draw.

Before vaping with a new resistor, it is necessary to prime it. This allows the cotton inside to soak up the e-liquid, so as not to burn it. To do this, before installing your resistor, put a few drops of e-liquid in the holes on the sides of the resistor, without drowning the cotton. Then, place your resistance in your clearomizer and fill it. Let infuse for ten minutes and vape! Flavours guaranteed!


The tank contains your e-liquid and is available in various sizes depending on the equipment. A large capacity allows it a greater autonomy. It is also the largest part of the clearomizer. Generally made of Pyrex, the tanks have a capacity ranging from 2 to 9ml.

Top cap

The top cap also allows you to fill your e-liquid. Some of them even have an easy-filler system, so you can fill your juice without even having to open your clearomizer! Simple and practical!

Drip tip

The last part of the electronic cigarette, the drip tip is the only part of the atomizer in contact with your mouth. Customisable in several colours or materials, it is essential not to neglect it as your comfort depends on it. The length of your drip tip influences the temperature of the vapor. The shorter your drip tip, the hotter the temperature, and conversely, the longer it is, the warmer it will be. The diameter of the drip tip is also important, as it will partly determine the steam production. A tight diameter will limit the creation of vapour during the draw, while a large diameter will allow for a big dragon vape.

What type of e-cigarette to start vaping?

The tube: the easiest e-cigarette to use, ideal for small smokers

The small tube size kits are mainly created for beginners. Usually with a tight draw, they are perfect for a first taste of vaping, as they are close to the feeling of classic nicotine and are very discreet. These kits already allow you to make some small adjustments, to control the power or the smoke produced. They are suitable for small and medium smokers.

Tube version of the electronic cigarette

The pocket format: the smallest e-cigarette for beginners

E-cigarettes that fit in the palm of your hand, they are ideal for travelling and following you around. With an extra simple system, they are suitable for beginners thanks to their tight draw. These kits are perfect for the smaller smoker.

Pocket electronic cigarette

The pod-mod: the ready-to-use electronic cigarette

Similar to the pocket format, the pod-mod has another special feature. It is recharged by cartridges ready to use, which are called "plug and play". These electronic cigarettes are very easy to use and are perfect for starting to smoke. They are suitable for small smokers, looking for simplicity.

Pod Mod electronic cigarette

The box: the electronic cigarette for experienced vapers

Composed of a clearomizer and a rectangular battery similar to a small box, these e-cigarettes are more powerful and efficient than others. They are self-contained and allow you to make more advanced adjustments and change your smoking style. However, some boxes are also suitable for beginners, and are ideal for advanced vapers.

Box version of the electronic cigarette for experienced vapers

Choosing your e-cigarette according to your smoking profile and nicotine requirement

To define your smoking profile, it is essential to rely on your smoking experience. With your daily tobacco consumption, you will be able to find the equipment that meets your needs.

Your nicotine choice for light smokers (less than 10 cigarettes a day)

Light smoker - Less than 10 cigarettes per day

You don't smoke much, but you can't do without this daily pleasure. A simple and compact cigarette that you can take everywhere is ideal for you. Discreet, it will be the ally of your breaks, preventing you from cracking while keeping the notion of pleasure.

Your nicotine choice for moderate smokers (11 to 20 cigarettes a day)

Moderate smoker - 11 to 20 cigarettes per day

As a cigarette enthusiast, you need a vapourizer that follows you all day long! Autonomous and stylish, you want an ally that won't let you down!

Your choice of nicotine for heavy smokers (more than 20 cigarettes a day)

Heavy smoker - More than 20 cigarettes per day

You have been smoking for years and you find it hard to do without! Your vape should be very independent without requiring too many adjustments.

Power, autonomy, type of draw: what characteristics for my e-cigarette?

After being introduced to the pleasures of vaping, you want to try another one: more powerful, more design, producing more vapour, better flavour... Here again, the choice is unlimited! To find the one that will suit your needs, you should take into account the following criteria:

The power

The power is responsible for the vapor rate of your e-cigarette. By increasing the wattage, you can start producing big clouds! To start being a real dragon, opt for equipment with a maximum power of at least 40W. The most powerful kits are generally not suitable for high nicotine levels and are therefore reserved for vapers who are looking for the pleasure of vaping.


On small kits and pods, the battery life may seem short. By switching to battery-operated equipment, you will extend your battery life, so you can vape all day long! If the box format with batteries does not suit you, you can however find equipment with a very high autonomy, not to slow you down.

The type of draft

For a beginner, the most suitable e-cigarettes are those with a tight draw, also known as indirect inhalation. Indeed, these are the ones that best reproduce the sensation of the traditional cigarette, and allow you to detach yourself from smoking. Now that you've got past that, you can move on to direct-inhalation, air-draft models. The latter, which produce more vapour, are geared towards the pleasure of the vaper.

The most daring will even risk making their own custom vape by choosing boxes and clearomizers that meet their needs!