The FREEVAP loyalty programs: save money while vaping!

For 7 years, we have been receiving daily orders. To thank you for being with us for so long,
we have created 3 types of loyalty rewards,which can be accumulated when you order.

Click on the reward that interests you, learn and enjoy! 

Rewarded for your loyalty!

With Freevap, you earn money with every purchase! Indeed, your order earns you 5% of the total amount of your basket in loyalty points. You can then convert them into CHF to spend on your next purchases!

To do this, nothing could be easier

-Start by placing your order from your customer account.
-Once the order has been validated and paid for, go to your My Rewards space..
-On this page, you will have access to your points balance as well as the history of the rewards you have already converted.
-While viewing your kitty, you can click on the "Convert my rewards to a voucher" button. This will generate a discount voucher for the value of your balance.
-You can then find this discount in the voucher area and use it whenever you want!

NB: Any order cancelled automatically by our services or at your request will result in the withdrawal of the 5% reward linked to the order.

See how it works in video!

For example: for an order worth 50 CHF, your account will be credited with 2.5 CHF! By accumulating orders, you can transform your nice kitty into a voucher!

Good prices make good friends!

CHF 10 for you when you refer a friend or family member
Let's sponsor a friend
CHF 10 for your sponsored friend

Freevap is also an opportunity to introduce our products to your friends and get discounts!
From your Freevap account, go to the Referral Program tab. There you can invite your friends to place an order by being their sponsor!

Once on this page, the process is simple:
-Enter the contact details of your friends and family.
-Your friends and family will receive an e-mail (it is possible that it will be lost in the SPAM box)
-All they have to do is click on the activation link to create an account and receive a discount on their first order.

If your sponsored friend places an order, he or she will receive a 10 CHF discount BUT so will you!
So you can share a lot of good deals with your friends and family!

Important: in order for the sponsored person to benefit from the 10 CHF on their first order, they must create their account by clicking on the link they received by email, or go to, then create their account in the usual way, BUT by inserting their sponsor code received in the email. The amount of the 1st order must be at least 50.00 - after discount. And the sponsorship is unlimited.

Refer whoever you want, share and win!

Gift tiers for a reward that matches your spending

At Freevap, your pleasure is our priority! That's why we have created the gift module, which rewards you according to your spending.

For orders with a small budget, we offer accessories for vapoteurs or Freevap goodies, to represent your favorite brand of vape!

The second level, available from CHF20, gives you access to other Freevap goodies.

To access these rewards, go to your shopping cart. Below your product summary you will find the tiers in "Choose your gift".
All you have to do is make your choice!
Once you have chosen your gift, it will automatically be added to your basket and the amount will be deducted from your order!

Please note:

Be sure to apply your promotional codes before adding your gift. The tier can only be reached with the final amount of your order.
Once the order has been placed, there is no turning back. If you haven't added your gift, you won't get it this time!