Spark Pod Kit - Kiwi Vapor

2ml 700mAh Internal battery MTL
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Spark Pod Kit - Kiwi Vapor
Spark Pod Kit - Kiwi Vapor
Spark Pod Kit - Kiwi Vapor
Spark Pod Kit - Kiwi Vapor
Spark Pod Kit - Kiwi Vapor
Spark Pod Kit - Kiwi Vapor
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Kiwi quality at a low price, that's the aim of Italian manufacturer Kiwi Vapor with this Spark pod. This affordable electronic cigarette does what's expected of it and does it very well, no more and no less.

The Kiwi Spark pod is the spark that could encourage smokers to take up vaping without any headaches. In fact, it requires no adjustment, a simple refill of its cartridge, and you're good to go. With no buttons to push, vaping starts on its own as you inhale. Equipped with an internal battery, the Spark pod is easy to recharge. All this in a very compact and lightweight tube format, crafted with quality materials as we're used to seeing from Kiwi Vapor.

Interested in this beautiful, high-performance little pod? Find out all about it just below. Kiwi Vapor is striking once again!

2ml 700mAh Internal battery MTL

The sparkling design of the Kiwi Spark podmod

Pod Spark Kiwi Vapor

Despite an unbeatable price, Kiwi Vapor remains true to its brand image with this Spark pod. Discover a small e-cigarette with a sober, elegant design that will appeal to vapers who appreciate the beauty of simple things. A uniform look that's not all that conformist. The Spark pod from Kiwi Vapor comes in a range of colours, including a few flashy ones for those who want to add a little colour to their lives. Discreet and high-quality, the Spark pod is the latest achievement from the Italians at Kiwi Vapor.

A compact, lightweight format

You don't change a design that works and has proved its worth. The tubular shape of the Kiwi Spark pod gives you an excellent grip. With its dimensions of 110 mm by 15 mm (without the drip tip) and its featherweight of 34 g this e-cigarette knows how to be discreet. You'll almost forget you've got it on you but all the same, what a pleasure to have it in your hand.

Quality materials

The Spark pod may be Kiwi Vapor's entry-level product, but that doesn't stop it from being clad in quality materials. In a spirit of Italian elegance, this e-cig is covered in high-quality anodised aluminium. This material delivers a satin finish and a very smooth feel that will make the Spark experience even more satisfying. You can take it out at Milan Fashion Week, you won't look like a slob.

Kiwi Spark: a high-performance, intuitive e-cigarette

As well as its super-slim design, the other aspect that makes the Kiwi Spark e-cigarette so attractive is its ease of use. No adjustments needed here, so you go straight to the fun part. The Spark pod recognises the resistance used as soon as it is clipped in and adapts its power accordingly. Thanks to Kiwi Vapor quality, you'll also benefit from excellent responsiveness for natural, pleasurable vaping.

Automatic activation

The intuitive side of the Spark pod is further enhanced by its autodraw system. Here, there's no question of using a button. All you have to do is inhale to enjoy a delicious vapour. This aspect makes using the Spark pod truly instinctive, especially for smokers who want to try their hand at vape. Bellissimo!

Long-lasting battery

Despite its small size, the Kiwi Spark pod still sports a nice 700 mAh internal battery. Plenty for vaping from morning to night. A small LED tells you your battery level with each inhalation. Once it turns red (less than 20% battery), you'll need to think about recharging. This little Kiwi Vapor pod supports a max charging current of 1A. You'll find a USB-C port at the base of the battery for simple and efficient charging.

Warning: The charging cable is not supplied in the kit. You most likely have one lying around at home, if not find Kiwi Vapor cables in the list of complementary products at the bottom of the page.

A cartridge tailored for the Spark pod

The Spark kit is also an opportunity for Kiwi Vapor to bring some innovations. Discover a cartridge specially designed for the occasion. The Spark cartridge can hold up to 2 ml of e-liquid in a totally transparent PCTG tank for a great view of your e-liquid level.

Spark cartridges feature high-quality mesh coils. They demonstrate great longevity and deliver a tight MTL draw with cigarette-like sensations. In this kit, find the 0.8 ohm version but be aware that there is also a 1.2 ohm version (sold separately) for those who would like an even tighter MTL draw.

  • Spark cartridge 0.8 ohm: MTL draw not too tight - PG/VG ratios from 70/30 to 50/50 - recommended nicotine levels up to 20 mg/ml.

Your Spark cartridge can be topped with a disposable cotton tip for a very cigarette-like inhale, or a reusable polycarbonate tip. The Spark kit contains both, and these are the same drip tips as on the Kiwi 1 and Kiwi 2 pods.

Filling the Spark cartridge

Remplissage sur le côté

  • Remove the Spark cartridge from the battery by pulling on it.
  • Open the silicone tab, fill with e-liquid then close again.
  • Return the cartridge to the battery.

Replacing the Spark cartridge

Remplacement cartouche pod

  • Take out the used cartridge.
  • Install a new cartridge.
  • Caution: if the resistor is new prime it well by letting it soak in e-liquid for 10 minutes before vaping.

Kiwi Spark: the perfect first purchase to get started with vape

Kiwi Vapor's Spark pod is an e-cigarette of choice for smokers who want to test the effectiveness of vape. Its ease of use and vape that brilliantly transcribes the sensations of smoking will satisfy many of you who want to stop smoking.

Kiwi excellence at a small price

With its famous Kiwi pods, Kiwi Vapor has already succeeded in converting many smokers to vape. However, the price of these cutting-edge e-cigarettes can hold many back. The Spark pod allows you to benefit from Kiwi quality and test the effectiveness of their products without emptying your wallet either.

An opening to the Kiwi Vapor ecosystem

As you'll have gathered, Kiwi Vapor is already a well-established player in vape. Which means they already have a nice selection of products, and the Spark pod is the key that leads to many possibilities. You'll be able to use the Kiwi 2 cartridges but also, and more importantly, the pre-filled cartridges that make life even easier. Not forgetting the excellent nicotine-salt e-liquids Kiwi Flavors, perfectly suited to smoking cessation.

Content of the Kiwi Vapor Spark pod kit

  • 1 Kiwi Vapor Spark battery 
  • 1 Spark 0.8 ohm cartridge
  • 1 cotton filter drip tip
  • 1 polycarbonate drip tip
  • 1 user manual
Capacity (ml)
Hardware format
Pod system, Vape Pen, Drip Tip Not replaceable
Battery life (mah)
Battery type
Internal battery
Type of inhalation
Bottom Airflow, Non-adjustable
Fill type
Side Filling
Compatible coils
Spark cartridges - Kiwi Vapor, Kiwi 2 cartridges - Kiwi Vapor, Pre-filled cartridges - Kiwi Vapor
With settings
Charging possible via USB
Maximum charging current
Charging connection
Country of manufacture
made in China

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