USB-C to USB-C cable - Kiwi Vapor

E-cigarette manufacturer Kiwi Vapor offers this 1-meter-long USB-C to USB-C cable for easy, convenient charging of your Kiwi pods and other electronic devices, and in no time thanks to its 2A charging current.

Sold individually.

2A fast charge.

Length 1 meter.

USB-C to USB-C cable from Kiwi Vapor

The famous Italian e-cigarette brand Kiwi Vapor now offers its own quality accessories to accompany Kiwi pods.

With the growing popularity of internal batteries rechargeable via USB-C port on the vape market, owning a high-performance charging cable has become essential for quickly recharging your e-cigarette.

Kiwi Vapor's USB-C to USB-C cable ensures fast (2A) and secure recharging of your e-cigarettes as well as other electronic devices equipped with a USB-C port. Its 1-meter length offers great convenience compared with the often very short cables supplied with electronic cigarettes.

Features of Kiwi Vapor's USB-C to USB-C cable:

  • Sold individually.
  • Fast charging 5V / 2A.
  • 1-meter length.
  • Made in China.
Maximum charging current
Charging connection
Country of manufacture
made in China

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