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Kiwi 2 cartridges from Kiwi Vapor compatible with the Kiwi 2 pod. Kiwi 2 replacement cartridges make everyday vaping easier, letting you change e-liquid at the flick of a switch. What's more, they replace a cartridge whose coil has reached the end of its life. As the coils are integrated into the cartridge, you'll have to replace the whole cartridge.

Kiwi 2 cartridges come with a host of exciting new features, including reinforced childproofing for filling, as well as "low liquid reminder" technology. This system warns you when it's time to refill your tank with e-liquid, thus avoiding the dreaded dry hits.

These magnetized cartridges hold up to 1.8 ml of e-liquid and offer a richly-flavored MTL draw thanks to their 0.8 ohm mesh coil. Available in two colors, this pack of two cartridges also includes two cotton filter drip tips.

Sold in packs of 2.


Kiwi 2 replacement cartridges by Kiwi Vapor

In addition to replacing a cartridge whose resistance has worn out, or allowing you to switch from gourmet to fruity in no time at all, Kiwi Vapor has pulled out all the stops to make its Kiwi 2 pod stand out from the crowd. In fact, these cartridges with their 1.8 ml reservoir have a number of significant assets, such as reinforced child safety with a metal piece protecting the filling area. But also, and above all, a "low liquid reminder" system that prevents overheating and triggers a vibration on your pod when your tank needs filling.

Equipped with 0.8 ohm mesh coils, these Kiwi 2 cartridges ensure ultra-flavourful MTL indirect inhalation while producing a beautiful vapour.

Your cartridges come with two cotton filter drip tips, with the option of installing the polycarbonate drip tip on your Kiwi 2 pod.

What equipment should I use Kiwi 2 replacement cartridges with?

Kiwi 2 cartridges from Kiwi Vapor cartridges are compatible with :

- Kiwi 2 pod kit.

1 version available for the Kiwi 2 de cartridge Kiwi Vapor

- Kiwi 2 0.8 ohm Mesh cartridge: MTL draw - PG/VG ratio between 70PG/30VG and 50PG/50VG - compatible with e-liquids with nicotine salts (up to 20 mg/ml) and standard liquids with high nicotine levels (up to 18 mg/ml).

How to refill your Kiwi 2 cartridge:

  • Remove the cartridge from the Kiwi 2 pen by pulling on it.
  • Lower the metal base of the cartridge.
  • Open the silicone tab, fill and close.
  • Refit metal base.
  • Replace cartridge on Kiwi 2 pen.

How to replace your Kiwi 2 cartridge:

  • Remove the cartridge from the Kiwi 2 pen.
  • Install another cartridge in its place.
  • Integrated resistor: if the coil is damaged, replace the entire cartridge.
  • If the cartridge is new, let the coil soak in e-liquid for 10 minutes before vaping.

You should change your cartridge every 2 weeks or so, depending on your usage. Remember to replace your coil when you change flavors or smell a burnt taste.

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