20700/21700 silicon battery protection - Freevap

20700/21700 silicon battery protection - Freevap
20700/21700 silicon battery protection - Freevap

Discover without further delay the Freevap 20700/21700 battery protectors in our gift module.

All vapers using 1 or 2 batteries are confronted with the storage and transportation of their batteries. To meet your needs, we offer you our 20700/21700 battery case with the logo of your favourite vape site!

This accessory is made of silicone and offers insulation, protection against shocks, scratches and daily wear of your batteries.

Compatible only with 20700/21700 batteries

Protect your 20700/21700 batteries easily with the Freevap silicone battery protector

The Freevap 20700/21700 battery protector is an essential accessory for any vapers and will be your everyday ally!

As a reminder, it is essential to always protect your batteries when they are not in your e-cig. Also, to ensure your safety, it is strongly advised not to use damaged or worn batteries.

How to use the 20700/21700 protection for Freevap batteries:

  1. Remove the battery from your electronic cigarette
  2. Insert your battery into the silicone protection
  3. Check that your battery is correctly positioned in the silicone case
  4. Put your new battery into your vape

Product Feature :

  • Silicone cover
  • Colour: black
  • Compatibility: 20700/21700 battery
Battery type
Country of manufacture
made in China
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