Proteus Neo Coil - Aspire

DTL Sold individually

Proteus Neo coil from the manufacturer Aspire compatible with the Proteus Neo E-Hookah.

At first glance, the Proteus Neo coil impresses with its behemoth size compared to conventional coils. As you'd expect, it's going to be a bit of a handful, but after all, that's what it takes to reproduce the sensation of a real shisha with your Proteus Neo E-Hookah. Designed with a mesh coil, this 0.17 ohm coil is made to produce a voluptuous vapor and give you a taste for top-level flavor reproduction.

Totally DL-oriented, the Proteus Neo resistor is for use with low nicotine levels (up to 3 mg/ml), and don't hesitate to imbibe it with VG-rich e-liquids if you want a big, thick cloud.

Sold individually.

DTL Sold individually

Proteus Neo coil from Aspire

The Proteus Neo coil stands out for its imposing size, far superior to conventional coils. It's often said that size doesn't matter, but here we have to admit that this big bundle of cotton in its mesh coil is impressive, and not just for show. Yes, that's all it takes to faithfully reproduce the experience of a real chicha with your E-Hookah Proteus Neo. The Proteus Neo coil has been specially designed to produce dense vapor and give you an exceptional explosion of flavor.

What equipment should I use the Proteus Neo coil with?

The Proteus Neo heating element is used with the Proteus Neo Tank which you can also find in the Proteus Neo E-Hookah Head.

Features of the Proteus Neo coil :

The Proteus Neo coil features a mesh coil, delivering even, ultra-responsive heating for great vapor production and excellent flavor reproduction.

- Proteus Neo Meshed 0.17 ohm: DL aerial vaping - auto tuning on Proteus Neo 80W max - ratio 50PG/50VG to 10PG/90VG - low nicotine levels (up to 3 mg/ml).

Installing a coil on the Proteus Neo tank:

Remplacement de résistance Proteus Neo Aspire

  • Remove the tank from the battery.
  • Insert the coil under the tank with a simple press.
  • Replace the tank on the Proteus Neo battery.
  • If the coil is new, allow it to soak in before vaping.

You should change your coil every 2 weeks or so, depending on your usage. Don't forget to replace your coil when you change flavor or smell a burnt taste.

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Sold individually
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