Proteus Neo E-Hookah Head - Aspire

25ml 5700mAh Internal battery 80W DTL
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Proteus Neo E-Hookah Head - Aspire
Proteus Neo E-Hookah Head - Aspire
Proteus Neo E-Hookah Head - Aspire
Proteus Neo E-Hookah Head - Aspire
Proteus Neo E-Hookah Head - Aspire
Proteus Neo E-Hookah Head - Aspire
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Dust off your Raï'n'B Fever compilation and get in the mood for a nice (electronic) shisha party with the Proteus Neo from manufacturer Aspire. In subdued tea-room mode or sock-hop down the blocks, enjoy a combustion-free alternative to traditional hookah.

Despite appearances, don't ask your Proteus Neo Hookah to remind you to buy washing-up liquid - it's not an Alexa speaker. What we're talking about here is a system that replaces the hearth of a shisha, and which you'll need to install on the water tank (tank not supplied) of any hookah thanks to a silicone adapter (2 adapters included).

Between its gargantuan 25 ml tank, its equally impressive 5700 mAh built-in battery and its 80W maximum power, you can imagine that you're in for a real treat when it comes to vapor. What's more, activation is automatic on inhalation thanks to the autodraw system, so the shisha sensation is wonderfully reproduced. Find out more about this futurist hookah below.

25ml 5700mAh Internal battery 80W DTL

Proteus Neo E-Hookah Head by Aspire: Shisha 2.0

Chicha élecrtronique Proteus Neo Aspire

Aspire brings shisha back to the forefront with the arrival of its Proteus Neo electronic houka. Say goodbye to combustion and charcoal, and replace your hookah's hearth with this Proteus Neo for a shisha session that's easier to prepare and, above all, less harmful. To use the Proteus Neo, you'll need a tank of shisha water and pipes with mouthpieces. Aspire's Proteus Neo head adapts to any tank thanks to silicone adapters (2 adapters supplied). Once the Proteus Neo head is attached to your tank, all you have to do is fill the 25 ml tank supplied and inhale. To ensure total immersion, Aspire has equipped its E-Hookah with an autodraw function. All you have to do is curl up on the sofa in front of a good movie, a little mint tea for the folklore, and then everything will be perfect.

Installation du Proteus Neo Aspire

The Proteus Neo E-Hookah Head is available in a range of colors, and Aspire has opted for a simple, modern design to enable its electronic shisha to blend seamlessly into your home. And, if you'd like to enjoy a shisha outside, comfortably seated on your Quechua folding chair with a little Soso Maness playing in the background on the JBL, know that it's also possible with the Proteus Neo.

Proteus Neo E-Hookah Head Aspire: big clouds ahead

Chicha means thick, round smoke, and the Proteus Neo does just that, thanks to its maximum power of 80W. Between this power level and the 0.17 ohm Proteus Neo mesh coil supplied in this kit, you'll be ready to send up some big clouds. Such a system is power-hungry, but don't worry, Aspire has taken care of that by installing a 5700 mAh battery that you can recharge very easily via a USB-C port. To recharge, you can use the USB-C cable supplied in the kit. However, to benefit from fast charging, it's essential to ensure that the mains charger used has a 2A capacity (mains charger not supplied).

Batterie du Proteus Neo Aspire

To make your vape/shisha session a pure moment of relaxation, Aspire has equipped the Proteus Neo with a chipset offering a high level of safety with several protections against short circuits or overheating. Not only does the Proteus Neo's chipset provide you with a safe vaping experience, it also makes life easier with a system that requires no adjustment, so all you have to do is sit back and enjoy.

Tank Proteus Neo: a gigantic tank

Aspire's Proteus Neo electronic shisha is made up of two essential components: we've seen the battery, now let's move on to the tank. Make sure you have a good supply of liquid, as this is a 25 ml tank. It's easy to fill the tank from above, so there's no need to remove it from the battery. So that you can get into the swing of things as soon as your shisha arrives, you'll receive a proteus Neo 0.17 ohm mesh coil, for use with low nicotine e-liquids (up to 3 mg/ml) and a high VG content if you want a voluminous vapor.

- Proteus Neo Meshed 0.17 ohm: Aerial vaping DL - auto tuning on Proteus Neo 80W max - ratio 50PG/50VG to 10PG/90VG - Low nicotine levels (up to 3 mg/ml).

This Proteus Neo tank also lets you vary sensations by adjusting the airflow. To do this, simply turn the knob above the tank to enjoy a tighter draw or, on the contrary, open the valves and take a mouthful.

Airflow réglable Proteus Neo Aspire

Filling the Tank Proteus Neo :

Remplissage du réservoir Proteus Neo

  • Open the silicone tab.
  • Fill with e-liquid, but be patient, there's enough for 25 ml.
  • Leave to rest for ten minutes before vaping if the coil is new.

Installing a resistor on the Tank Proteus Neo :

Remplacement de résistance Proteus Neo Aspire

  • Remove the tank from the battery.
  • Insert the coil under the tank with a simple press.
  • Replace the tank on the Proteus Neo battery.

Aspire Proteus Neo E-Hookah Head dimensions:

Dimensions de la chicha électronique Proteus Neo

The Aspire Proteus Neo E-Hookah Head comes with :

  • 1x Proteus Neo E-Hookah Head
  • 1x Proteus Neo Tank
  • 1x 0.17 ohm Proteus Neo coil
  • 2x Silicone adapters
  • 1x USB-C cable
  • 1x User manual

Warning: Requires water tank and shisha pipes not supplied, fits all shisha tanks.

Capacity (ml)
Hardware format
Battery life (mah)
Battery type
Internal battery
Maximum power
Type of inhalation
Adjustable, Top Airflow
Fill type
Top Filling
With settings
Charging possible via USB
Charging connection
Country of manufacture
made in China

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