Proteus Neo E-Hookah Tank - Aspire

25ml DTL
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Proteus Neo E-Hookah Tank - Aspire
Proteus Neo E-Hookah Tank - Aspire
Proteus Neo E-Hookah Tank - Aspire
Proteus Neo E-Hookah Tank - Aspire
Proteus Neo E-Hookah Tank - Aspire
Proteus Neo E-Hookah Tank - Aspire
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Proteus Neo Tank from Aspire whether you've broken yours or want to pick up a few extra so you can change flavors at the drop of a hat, you've come to the right place. This gigantic 25 ml tank works with Aspire's Proteus Neo E-Hookah Head. Available in a range of colors, it's up to you to match the color of your drums or try a more daring combination. Its practical top-filling system lets you fill the reservoir directly without having to remove it from the battery.

The Proteus Neo E-Hookah Tank isn't just a tank, it also lets you adjust the airflow during your shisha sessions by turning the knob above the tank. In this way, you can enjoy every possible nuance of DL airflow, from the tightest to the most opulent.

The Proteus Neo Tank delivers its incredible flavors and huge vapor thanks to Aspire's Proteus Neo coils (sold separately).

Sold individually.

25ml DTL

Proteus Neo E-Hookah Tank from Aspire

The centerpiece of Aspire's Proteus Neo E-Hookah system, this Proteus Neo Tank lets you replace a damaged part or grab a few extras. Having several tanks for your Proteus Neo electronic shisha means you can reserve one tank for each flavor, making it easy to switch flavors at any time. What's more, this tank is available in several colors, so you can set up a little personal color code to remind you which tank contains which e-liquid.

What equipment should I use the Proteus Neo E-Hookah Tank with?

The Proteus Neo E-Hookah Tank works exclusively with Proteus Neo E-Hookah Head electronic shisha.

Features of the Proteus Neo E-Hookah Tank ?

The Proteus Neo Tank offers a 25 ml e-liquid capacity for extended shisha sessions. On top of that, it lets you fine-tune the airflow so you can find your sweet spot.

This tank is compatible with proteus Neo coil (sold separately), for top flavour and outstanding vapour production.

- Proteus Neo Meshed 0.17 ohm: DL aerial vaping - auto tuning on Proteus Neo 80W max - ratio 50PG/50VG to 10PG/90VG - low nicotine levels (up to 3 mg/ml).

Filling the Tank Proteus Neo :

remplissage du Proteus Neo Tank

  • Open the silicone tab.
  • Fill with e-liquid - patience, there's enough for 25 ml.
  • Leave to rest for ten minutes before vaping if the coil is new.

Installing a coil on the Tank Proteus Neo :

Changer la résistance du tank Proteus Neo d'Aspire

  • Remove the tank from the battery.
  • Insert the coil under the tank with a simple press.
  • Replace the tank on the Proteus Neo battery.
Capacity (ml)
Type of inhalation
Adjustable, Top Airflow
Compatible coils
Proteus Neo Coil - Aspire
Country of manufacture
made in China

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