Luxe X/XR Cartridges with coil - Vaporesso | Pack x2

5 ml Multifunctional
Luxe X/XR Cartridges with coil - Vaporesso | Pack x2
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The Luxe X/XR cartridges from the manufacturer Vaporesso are there to accompany the pods Luxe X and XR (Luxe X, Luxe X Pro, Luxe XR, Luxe XR Max) to give them strength or allow you to vary the e-liquids without mixing their flavors.

The cartridges Luxe X/XR offer three models with different values of integrated coils. You can enjoy an air vape with the 0.4 ohm model, an RDL draw with the 0.6 ohm version and an indirect MTL inhale with the 0.8 ohm model. (We recommend reserving the 0.4 ohm cartridge for the Luxe XR Max pod which has a battery and power more suited to this kind of draw DL).

The Luxe X/XR cartridges offer a generous capacity of 5 ml in order to limit the refills, which will be done under the cartridge by removing the silicone tab. Don't worry about leaks, these cartridges are very tight and your pockets will not be soiled.

The coils are integrated in the cartridge, once out of order, you don't have to worry about replacing the whole cartridge.

Sold by pack of 2.

5 ml Multifunctional

Cartridges with resistance Luxe X/XR of Vaporesso

This pack of 2 cartridges Luxe X/XR with integrated coils, allows you to change e-liquid throughout the day without ever mixing them with each other and end up with a mush of indescribable flavors. In a clip, you will go from a fresh and fruity juice to a perfect treat to accompany your coffee.

Then when the time comes to change your cartridge because of a coil that has already given everything away, you'll be glad to have a few replacements on hand. Since the coil is built into the cartridge, once it burns out, you have to replace the whole cartridge.

What equipment should I use the Luxe X/XR replacement cartridges with coil?

The Luxe X/XR cartridges are compatible with :

What are the characteristics of Vaporesso Luxe XR cartridges?

The Luxe X/XR cartridges offer a nice capacity of 5 ml, enough to hold a good time between refills that are done under the cartridge. To top it all off, these cartridges are leak-proof.

The Luxe X/XR cartridges have built-in resistors with three different models, each offering a different vape sensation:

  • Cartridge Luxe X/XR 0.4 ohm: DL draw - to be used between 26 and 32 watts - ratio 50PG/50VG to 30PG/70VG - compatible low nicotine levels from 0 to 6 mg/ml. (Optimal use on the pod Luxe XR Max which has a better battery life)
  • Cartridge Luxe X/XR 0.6 ohm: RDL draw - to be used between 20 and 30 watts - ratio 50PG/50VG to 30PG/70VG - compatible low nicotine rate of 0 to 6 mg/ml.
  • Cartridge Luxe X/XR 0.8 ohm: MTL draw slightly air - to use between 12 and 20 watts - ratio 50PG/50VG to 60PG/40VG - compatible high nicotine rates and nicotine salts.

Filling the cartridge Luxe X/XR Vaporesso :

Remplissage liquide Cartouches Luxe X.jpg

  • Remove the cartridge from the e-cig.
  • Open the silicone cap located under the cartridge, fill and close.
  • Reclip the cartridge on the battery.

Replace a cartridge Luxe XR :

remplacer cartouche luxe xr

  • Remove the cartridge from the pod.
  • Put the new cartridge in its place (magnetic system).

Attention, it is necessary to change your coil about every 2 weeks depending on your use. Remember to replace your coil when you change flavor or you feel a burnt taste.

Vaporesso is a manufacturer of electronic cigarette equipment that is very well known in the vape world thanks to its excellent models such as the Target, Swag, Luxe. Originating from China, this manufacturer exports its products all over the world.

Capacity (ml)
5 ml
Type of inhalation
Fill type
Bottom Filling
Compatible coils
Built-in coil
Country of manufacture
made in China

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Luxe XR Pod Kit - Vaporesso

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