Clearomizer Mini Nautilus - Aspire

2ml MTL Up to 19mm

The clearomizer Aspire Mini Nautilus manufacturers from Aspire has a capacity of 2ml, and the filling is done from below (down filling)

The Nautilus mini has 2 Vertical Coil of 1.8 ohm (MTL) that is to say they are placed at the bottom vertically. This position allows a better rendering of flavors and steam as well as a longer life!

The air flow control is very precise thanks to its rotating ring, with 4 positions allowing to choose a more or less tight draw!

The mini-Nautilus is compatible with liquids with nicotine salts, CBD and high nicotine levels. (except with 0.7 ohm coils)

2ml MTL Up to 19mm Bottom Filling

The clearomizer Nautilus Mini of Aspire: A vape close to rebuildable atomizers!

The manufacturers of Aspire presents the clearomizer Nautilus Mini. A tank that allows a tight draw oriented vape (MTL) but also in subohm (DL) depending on the coil chosen. Anyway, the Nautilus Mini offers the choice of possible in terms of setting air intake!

The clearomizer Nautilus Mini Aspire for an exceptional flavor rendering

The clearomizer Nautilus Mini 19 mm in diameter can hold up to 2ml of eliquid with its straight pyrex. The filling is easy and is done by down-filling by unscrewing the base of the tank (drip tip down)

This tank offers a draw rather MTL-oriented thanks to Vertical Coil coils of 1.8ohm included. Exceptional rendering of flavors guaranteed! An adjustable airflow ring with 4 positions allows you to change the airflow according to your vape style

- Position 1 (0.9 mm): tight draw
- Position 2 (1.1 mm): medium draw
- Position 3 (1.4 mm): air draw
- Position 4 (1.8 mm): very air draw

For lovers of big clouds, prefer positions 3 and 4

The Nautilus Mini Aspire tank compatible with BVC coils

The clearo Nautilus Mini is compatible with bVC coils 2 1.8 ohm are delivered:

- BVC of 1.8 ohm: MTL tight draw - to use between 3.6 and 4.5 Volts - ratio 70PG/30VG - compatible high nicotine (0 to 18 mg), nicotine salts and CBD

These coils have the BVC technology (Bottom Vertical Coil), which means that they are placed down vertically. This position allows a better flavor rendering, a more intense vapor and an improved lifespan

How to change your BVC coil of your clearomizer Nautilus Mini?

1. Unscrew the base containing the coil
2. Unscrew the coil Aspire BVC of the base, discard the coil
3. Simply screw a new coil on the base of the clearomizer
4. Fill your clearomizer with e-liquid (without exceeding the height of the chimney), then screw it on your battery
5. Prime the new coil as described below
6. You can vape!

When first using a coil Aspire, suck several times by plugging the air supply. This allows to soak the spray chamber to avoid a taste of burned (coil heating without e-liquid). It may be that the positive pad of the connector is pressed, which makes it impossible to electrically contact your battery with the atomizer. In this case, you just have to slightly remove the pin of the clearomizer (using a screwdriver) for it to work perfectly.

Attention, it is necessary to change your coil about every 2 weeks depending on your use. Remember to replace your coil when you change flavor or you feel a burnt taste.

Here is what is delivered

- 1 clearomizer Nautilus Mini

- 2 BVC coils of 1.8 ohm

- 1 pyrex tank of 2ml

- 1 ring cover screw eGo

The characteristics of the clearo Nautilus Mini Aspire :

- Dimension: 19 mm in diameter

Capacity (ml)
Type of inhalation
Up to 19mm
Bottom Airflow, Adjustable
Fill type
Bottom Filling
Compatible coils
Coils BVC Nautilus
Country of manufacture
made in China

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