Obelisk U Pod Kit - Geekvape

2ml 950 mAh Internal battery 20W MTL
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Obelisk U Pod Kit - Geekvape
Obelisk U Pod Kit - Geekvape
Obelisk U Pod Kit - Geekvape
Obelisk U Pod Kit - Geekvape
Obelisk U Pod Kit - Geekvape
Obelisk U Pod Kit - Geekvape
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Geekvape erects the Obelisk U, a new monument in the era of podmods. This building is intended to bring smokers to welcome them into the circle of vape in all simplicity. The Obelisk U has no button, it is difficult to do more simple, after filling your cartridge with 2 ml of e-liquid, you will only have to inhale to enjoy this divine pod.

The Obelisk U, under its beautiful pearlescent dress, hides an internal battery of 950 mAh that will be able to be recharged quickly through its USB-C port. This podmod Geekvape offers a tight draw MTL accessible to beginners and very low energy, so you will enjoy long hours of uninterrupted vape.

The podmod Obelisk U is compatible with the u cartridges with integrated coils of Geekvape. In this kit, you will receive the version 0.7 ohm offering an excellent restitution of flavors and a good dose of steam.

Geekvape once again scores with an e-cig that is practical for beginners and way too good for experts to pass up.

2ml 950 mAh Internal battery 20W MTL

Geekvape Obelisk U: simplicity in beauty

Podmod Obelisk U

With its pearly colors reflecting retrofuturistic symbols, you might think it's an alien gadget straight from the Independence Day mothership. But don't worry, this little machine is not designed to decimate humanity, it comes from the manufacturer Geekvape and comes to assist you in your smoking cessation, a fight that only you can lead, not even Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum can help you.

Accompanied by your Obelisk U pod, make your first steps in the vape in all simplicity with this e-cigarette that will chew up the work. Indeed, with this pod equipped with an auto fire system (automatic draw) you will only have to inhale to enjoy an excellent MTL draw. There is no question of adjustments and other tricks with this pod, just the vape, period.

The Obelisk U offers beautiful finishes, once in hand, it feels a little weight that gives it a premium feel despite its attractive price. The lack of button makes it impossible to accidentally turn on in the pocket, add to that its compact size and you will take it everywhere.

Under the shell of the Obelisk U by Geekvape

Although the Obelisk U does all the work automatically, you should know that its maximum power is 20W. Powered by an internal 950 mah battery that can be recharged via USB-C, you'll get generous battery life due to the MTL usage of this very energy-efficient pod

The battery level is indicated by an LED:

- Green LED from 100% to 61% battery.

- Blue LED from 60% to 31% battery.

- Red LED from 30% to 0% battery.

Obelisk U, Cartridges U

In your kit, you can meet the U cartridge Geekvape, you will receive the version 0.7 ohm for a tasty draw and a nice little dose of steam. The U cartridges are clipped onto the Obelisk U with a magnet, their integrated coils ensure great convenience, once the coil is worn out, you will only have to change the cartridge completely.

Changement de cartouche U

The U cartridges offer a 2 ml reservoir to be filled on the side by opening a silicone cap preserving a good seal.

Remplissage de la cartouche U

If you want to venture into an even tighter draw, the u cartridges from Geekvape are also available in 1.1 ohm (sold separately).

Dimensions of the Obelisk U pod from Geekvape :

Dismensions du pod Obelisk U

The Geekvape Obelisk U pod kit contains:

- 1 Obelisk U pod

- 1 U cartridge 0.7 ohm

- 1 USB-C cable

- 1 user manual

Capacity (ml)
Hardware format
Pod system
Battery life (mah)
950 mAh
Battery type
Internal battery
Maximum power
Type of inhalation
Non-adjustable, Transversal Position (Side-Airflow)
Fill type
Side Filling
Charging possible via USB
Charging connection
Country of manufacture
made in China

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