Dripper Sith RDSA 24 mm - Vaperz Cloud

DTL RDL Up to 24mm 25,5mm
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Dripper Sith RDSA 24 mm - Vaperz Cloud
Dripper Sith RDSA 24 mm - Vaperz Cloud
Dripper Sith RDSA 24 mm - Vaperz Cloud
Dripper Sith RDSA 24 mm - Vaperz Cloud
Dripper Sith RDSA 24 mm - Vaperz Cloud
Dripper Sith RDSA 24 mm - Vaperz Cloud
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It's small, it's cute and its flavor rendering will blow you away, the new RDSA dripper from Vaperz Cloud is just waiting to crown your most beautiful mods. It is equipped with a pin BF that the Sith lands at home(pin 510 standard also provided), what to delight the crazy squonkeurs.

Under its bell, the RDSA Sith of Vaperz Cloud hides a single coil plate. An ultem chamber doubles the bell so that the flavors are well condensed before making their way to your taste buds. The honeycomb airflow allows you to enjoy a more or less airy vape just the way you like it and the 4.5 mm tank allows you to space out the juice additions or squonk hits.

The RDSA Sith has a relatively compact 24mm diameter that will fit on many mods. If you put on the included beauty ring, the diameter increases to 25.5 mm. The satin colors of this dripper go perfectly with the box Empire Squonk 21700also designed by Vaperz Cloud.

DTL RDL Up to 24mm 25,5mm

Dripper Sith RDSA from Vaperz Cloud : The cherry on the mod

Whether it is in gun metal and matte black sobriety, ultem elegantly shifted, or blue and purple satin, the dripper Sith Vaperz Cloud will always make its little effect. You find here a compact dripper with a diameter of 25.5 mm with its beauty ring and only 24 mm bare. Thanks to its measurements passepartouts, it will be flush on many mods. Especially on the Empire Squonk 21700 box which is the origin of the Sith creation by Vaperz Cloud.

At the top, you will find a drip tip 510 which can be upgraded to a shorter version with the spare drip tip provided. The design is sober with a simple engraving Sith and airflow entries in honeycomb, this RDSA will please many people. In addition to being beautiful it will adapt to your needs, whether you are a fan of squonk (pin BF pre-installed) or someone who prefers to soak his cotton to the old (pin 510 delivered with the Sith RDSA). To switch from an RSA dripper for squonk mods to a standard RDA dripper you will only have to unscrew the 510 pin below the Sith with the supplied BTR key.

RDSA Sith Dripper, simple and tasty!

Vaperz Cloud's dripper is equipped with a single coil semi postless deck easy to assemble. A chamber in ultem which is under the aluminum bell, comes to condense the flavors so that they are well concentrated once arrived in mouth. A small rotation of the dripper on itself allows you to adjust the airflow with precision, you just have to find your G-spot of vape on this dripper which offers a sensational experience DL or RDL.

To make your setups successful, leave about 8mm of tab on your coil so that you can comfortably fold it into the center of the tray. Underneath your setup is a 4.5mm tank that keeps your cotton soaked longer before you take a dry hit.

Its top-notch flavors make the Sith an excellent choice for experienced vapers looking for a quality dripper. Its simple single coil setup will appeal to novices in rebuildable vape.

Dimensions of the dripper Sith RDSA of Vaperz Cloud :

The dripper Sith RDSA of Vaperz Cloud comes with :

- 1 dripper Sith RDA / RSA

- 1 spare drip tip 510

- 1 pin 510 (BF pin pre-installed)

- 1 pack of gaskets and spare screws

Type of inhalation
Up to 24mm, 25,5mm
Transversal Position (Side-Airflow), Adjustable
Atomizer type
Deck configuration
Single Coil
Bottom feeder compatible
Country of manufacture
made in China

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