Cartridges Don Cristo Custard - PGVG Labs | Pack x2

2ml Tobacco Sweet Cigar Custard vanilla cream

Discover the excellence of Don Cristo e-liquids, now available in Elfa battery cartridges. Don Cristo shows us with talent that there's more to vape than just a fresh, fruity flavour. Discover the meticulously prepared creations by Canadian manufacturer PGVG Labs and rediscover vaping.

Don Cristo Custard cartridges go cream! One puff and the custard Cuban cigar combo kicks in. A revolutionary classic flavour in the face of insatiable capitalist gluttony, this liquid could be an ode to the Cold War, a message of peace, but above all it's a damn good vape.

More information on Don Cristo Custard cartridges below.

2ml Tobacco Sweet Cigar Custard vanilla cream made in Canada made in China

Don Cristo Custard cartridges by PGVG Labs

Don Cristo Custard cartridges offer an exceptional vape experience, combining a smooth Cuban cigar aroma with an exquisite note of vanilla cream. Each puff delivers a rich, indulgent vapour that will delight many vapers.

Don Cristo Custard cartridges are sold in boxes of two. Each cartridge contains 2 ml of e-liquid and provides up to 600 puffs.

E-liquid based on nicotine salts, available in 20 mg/ml.

With which battery to use the Don Cristo cartridges?

Don Cristo cartridges are compatible with Elf Bar's Elfa battery, which you can find on Freevap.

Don Cristo cartridges: a solution to stop smoking

Don Cristo cartridge e-liquids are formulated with nicotine salts, offering minimal throat hit, even at high concentrations such as 10 or 20 mg/ml. This ensures a more comfortable vaping experience while providing enough nicotine to help you fight the urge to smoke.

Equipped with Fresor mesh coils, Don Cristo cartridges deliver intense flavours and a tight MTL draw reminiscent of a classic cigarette, giving you a familiar feel when vaping.

How to use your Don Cristo cartridge

Don Cristo pods are sealed and single-use. Once the liquid has run out, simply replace the cartridge. If you notice a reduction in flavour or a burnt taste, it's time to change the cartridge.

Capacity (ml)
Tobacco, Sweet
Cigar, Custard vanilla cream
Nicotine content in mg/ml
Nic Salt 20 mg/ml
Type of inhalation
Fill type
Sealed: no refilling
Pack of 2 units
Compatible coils
Built-in coil
Country of manufacture
made in Canada, made in China
Nicotine type

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