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500mAh Internal battery

World leader in the disposable puff phenomenon, the Elf Bar brand has realized that it's time to go easy on the ephemeral batteries and launch more environmentally-friendly models. Fans of the brand won't be put off, and will find their favorite Elf Bar flavors in sealed cartridges (sold separately) that clip onto this Elfa battery.

This system allows beginners to rediscover the simplicity of puff use, while limiting waste before moving on to supreme vapoteur status by opting for an open system. The battery life is similar to that of a disposable puff with 500 mAh, except that you simply recharge it via USB-C once it's flat (cable not supplied). Its tight, cigarette-like MTL draw is perfect for smoking cessation.

Don't wait any longer, take a step forward in your vaping life and switch to the Elfa rechargeable battery. Find all Elfa pre-filled cartridges on Freevap.ch.

Battery sold alone without cartridge.

500mAh Internal battery

Elfa batteries: the rechargeable puff

Batterie Elfa par Elf Bar

Although the disposable puff has enabled many people to take up vape and quit smoking, the overproduction of batteries is something we could do without right now. If you don't feel ready for open systems yet, then Elf Bar has designed the perfect e-cigarette for you with this Elfa battery.

With this Elfa battery, all you have to do is clip on an Elfa cartridge pre-filled with delicious e-liquid (sold separately) and you're ready to vape. No settings, nothing, just enjoy your favorite Elf Bar flavors and recharge the 500 mAh battery via USB-C when it starts to tire. An LED at the base of the battery will start flashing during inhalation when your Elfa needs a little electric pick-me-up.

Elfa battery: a familiar draw

Once fitted with its cartridge, this battery will deliver a tight MTL-type indirect inhalation. It's the perfect way to get started with vaping, while rediscovering sensations similar to those of a traditional cigarette, for a smoking cessation under the best possible conditions. For those of you who have already tried disposable e-cigarettes, you'll feel right at home because you'll have the same experience.

Elfa battery: a discreet e-cig

At just 10.8 cm long (with cartridge installed) and 1.6 cm wide, the Elfa battery features a particularly discreet aluminum tube format. And it's not just its size that makes it discreet: since its MTL draw gives off very little vapor, you'll be able to take a quick puff here and there at work, for example, if you're craving nicotine. In any case, we won't rat you out.

Elfa Batteries: a farandole of flavours await you

The flavors that made Elf Bar disposable puffs so successful are back. You'll find a wide choice of punchy fruit, candy and beverage flavors, packaged in small sealed cartridges containing 2 ml of e-liquid dosed with nicotine salts. E-liquids with nicotine salts are more rapidly assimilated by the body, making them more effective for successful smoking cessation.

Find all Elfa cartridges from the Elf Bar brand on Freevap.ch by clicking right here → Elf Bar.

Cartridges sold separately, the Elfa battery only works with Elfa cartridges from the Elf Bar brand.

How do I replace an Elfa cartridge?

Remplacement de cartouche Elfa

  • Remove the cartridge from the pod by simply pulling on it.
  • Install another cartridge in its place (magnetic system).
  • If the cartridge is new, remove the protective cap from the bottom of the cartridge.

Elfa battery dimensions :

Dimensions de la batterie Elfa

Elf Bar's Elfa battery comes with :

  • 1x Elfa battery
  • 1x Instructions for use
Battery life (mah)
Battery type
Internal battery
Type of inhalation

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