Clearomizer Zeus Subohm SE - Geek Vape

5,5 ml DL 29mm
Clearomizer Zeus Subohm SE - Geek Vape
Clearomizer Zeus Subohm SE - Geek Vape
Clearomizer Zeus Subohm SE - Geek Vape
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After the overwhelming success of the Zeus Subohm Tank, make way for the Zeus Subohm SE from the genius manufacturers at Geek Vape!

The clearomizer Zeus Subohm SE is a concentrate of innovation both in its dimensions (29 mm in diameter) and in its disproportionate capacity (5.5ml) for long hours of vape.

Adorned with a drip tip 810, intended for an air vape (DL), the filling of the clearomizer is done from above (top-fill). The Zeus Subohm SE will adapt to your style of vape thanks to its airflow adjustable from above. More secure than its predecessor, it has a leak protection and a locking button (child safety). With this, no more worries about leaving your vape lying around on the living room table!

Compatible with Z series coils, the Zeus clearomizer subohm SE also accompanies the release of the new 0.15 ohm XM coils. This coil will accommodate double the amount of e-liquids (60ml) with the guarantee of not losing flavour. It will be 50% more e-liquids per coil!

5,5 ml DL 29mm Adjustable Top Airflow Drip Tip 810

Clearomizer Zeus Subohm SE: Geek Vape presents its improved version of clearomizer Zeus Subohm Tank!


Big brother of the clearomizer Zeus Subohm Tank, the clearomizer Zeus Subohm SE of the manufacturers of Geek Vape has not finished surprising you. Just like its predecessor to the dazzling success, the Zeus Subohm SE offers a DL air draw, worthy of the name, for all our fans of big clouds. Equipped with a drip tip 810, the filling is done by the top. The airflow, meanwhile, is adjustable from above and offers anti-leakage protection and a plentiful and tasty vapor as desired. No more leaks in the bag or pocket and a new experience! You can also enjoy a tighter vape depending on your style

Clearomizer Zeus subohm SE: More impressive, but still powerful and design!

But then what differentiates it from its little brother, the clearomizer Zeus Subohm tank?

- More generous! The clearomizer Zeus Subohm SE has a larger capacity of 5.5 ml

- More imposing! The Zeus Subohm SE offers a larger diameter of 29 mm to fit a larger part of the boxes / mods available on the market.

- More design! A new tank made of silica more resistant to shocks and falls, a new logo, more generous shapes. It goes without saying, the clearomizer Zeus Subohm SE has nothing to envy its predecessor

- More secure! Geek Vape innovates and places the safety of our children at the heart of this innovation with a locking button located on the upper right of your clearomizer Zeus Subohm SE. With this, no need to worry when you leave your vape at home

Z coil coils for your clearomizer Zeus Subohm SE: New coils for more performance!

The Zeus Subohm SE clearomizer is compatible with all Z coil coils:

- Z series coil of 0.15 ohm: very aerial vape DL - to use between 80 and 90W - ratio 50PG/50VG to 20PG/80VG

- Z series coil of 0.2 ohm: aerial vape DL - to use between 70 and 80W - ratio 50PG/50VG to 20PG/80VG

- Z series coil of 0.25 ohm (dual coil): aerial vape DL - to use between 45 and 57W - ratio 50PG/50VG to 20PG/80VG

- Z series coil of 0.4 ohm: DL air vape with more flavours - to use between 50 and 60W - ratio 50PG/50VG to 20PG/80VG

This clearomizer includes the latest variation to date, the Z coil of 0.15 ohm XM

- Z series coil of 0.15 ohm XM: very airy vape DL - to use between 70 and 85W - ratio 50PG/50VG to 20PG/80VG

This new coil has the particularity of being able to receive the double capacity with the certification of not losing flavours. It is therefore 50% more e-liquids for each coil 0.15 ohm XM!

The clearomizer subohm SE contains

- 1 clearomizer Zeus Subohm SE 5.5ml

- 1 spare pyrex tank 5.5ml

- 1 Z series coil of 0.15hm XM

- 1 Z series coil of 0.4ohm

- 1 key to help with assembly

- 1 spare parts kit

- 1 user manual

Made by Geek Vape

With its wide range of products, such as pods, ecigarette kits, clearomizers, disposable vapes, Geek Vape has managed to make a place for itself among the manufacturers of vape equipment. Its products with increasingly innovative designs and technologies are very popular with vapers.

Capacity (ml)
5,5 ml
Type of inhalation
Diameter (For compatibility)
Tank material
Adjustable, Top Airflow
Drip Tip compatibility
Drip Tip 810
Fill type
Top Filling
RBA option
Compatible coils
Z series coils
Country of manufacture
made in China

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Stéphane 2022-10-23 18:59:11
Est-il compatible avec l’Argus MT?
Bonjour, le Zeus Subohm SE est effectivement compatible avec la box Argus MT, hormis la légère différence de diamètre, 29 mm pour le Zeus Subohm SE et 28 mm pour la box Argus MT, vous pouvez tout à fait l'utiliser sans problème.
Bonne journée et bonne vape 🙂
Beso 2022-09-29 22:14:01
Il est compatible avec l'innokin coolfire z80 ?
Bonjour, le clearomiseur Zeus Subohm SE est compatible avec votre box, juste le Zeux Subohm SE est plus large (29 mm) que votre box qui fait 26 mm, donc le clearomiseur dépassera légèrement de votre box.
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