Aegis Touch T200 Kit - Geekvape

2x 18650 DL
Aegis Touch T200 Kit - Geekvape
Aegis Touch T200 Kit - Geekvape
Aegis Touch T200 Kit - Geekvape
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The colossus Geekvape continues to amaze us with more advanced equipment. The kit Aegis Touch T200 is ready to revolutionize the world of boxes by focusing on ease of use, a design as impeccable as ever and a robustness worthy of a Canadian lumberjack.

The Aegis Touch T200 features a large 2.4" (6 cm) touch screen allowing quick and easy access to all of your mod's features with the touch of a finger to take full advantage of its 200W of power.

Clothes don't make the man, except with Geekvape where the design is always so worked without neglecting the practicality. Its metallic zinc frame smells premium, its elegant leather touches and a rubber to protect your jewel from your clumsiness and from the elements (certified IP 68).

At the top, sits a deity, the now inevitable clearomizer Zeus Sub Ohm in its version 2021. The latter, offers a rendering of optimal flavour, a DL vape that will fog everything in your path and a top airflow making leaks a mere bad memory.

Warning this product requires a battery
2x 18650 DL

Aegis Touch T200 kit, style for function.

Aegis touch T200 with touch screen

Let's start with the elephant in the room, this touch screen of 2.4" (6 cm) that would be almost big enough to watch the entire Breaking Bad, but that's not what we ask. Twirl your finger on the screen to easily navigate through the menus, fine-tune your vape or customize your Aegis T200 with the four included animated themes. Once you're done fiddling with your box, you'll be able to lock it in a snap with the A-Lock switch on its side.

This Aegis Touch T200 kit continues the Aegis tradition with a classy look and solidity. Its metallic frame gives it a high-end style, the back is covered in leather for a pleasant grip. You will also find rubber protections to protect your box from shocks, dust and water for a tri-proof protection certified IP 68.

(Do not plug the USB-C port of the Aegis Touch T200 if it is wet)

The Aegis T200 waterproof electronic cigarette

Aegis Touch T200 kit, a high definition power!

Once you have loaded the Aegis Touch T200 with its two 18650 batteries (not included), it is 200 watts that you will have in your hands. Coupled with its clearomizer Zeus Sub-Ohm edition 2021, you'll be ready to send wood, well, big clouds of vapor filled with flavour in this case.

The Aegis Touch T200 Kit is equipped with the AS Chip 3. 0 chipset offering a variety of modes to suit your every desire to vape.

- POWER mode for a power setting from 5 to 200 W.

- SMART mode, this mode is ideal for beginners, because it will automatically limit the power of your box to fit the resistance installed.

- TC-SS mode to control the temperature from 100 to 315° C for your SS316 steel resistors.

- TCR mode for a temperature control with a customizable heating coefficient.

- CURVE mode allowing you to set power levels in real time.

- BYPASS mode with which the Aegis Touch T200 will take control and adapt its power according to the resistance installed and the level of charge of the batteries.

Zeus Sub-Ohm Clearomizer on the T200

The divine Zeus Sub-Ohm 2021 takes the Aegis Touch T200 in hand.

What better to serve the Aegis Touch T200 than one of the best clearomizer on the market? With this Zeus Sub Ohm 2021, it's love at first sight for fans of DL draws and epic-sized clouds.

The Zeus Sub Ohm clearomizer owes its greatness to z series coils geekvape's exceptional flavour rendering and beautiful vapor production thanks to their kanthal A1 mesh technology.

- Z series coil of 0.15 ohm: very airy DL vape - to use between 80 and 90W - ratio 50PG/50VG to 20PG/80VG

- Z series coil of 0.2 ohm: aerial vape DL - to use between 70 and 80W - ratio 50PG/50VG to 20PG/80VG

- Z series coil of 0.25 ohm (dual coil): aerial vape DL - to use between 45 and 57W - ratio 50PG/50VG to 20PG/80VG

- Z series coil of 0.4 ohm: DL air vape with more flavours - to use between 50 and 60W - ratio 50PG/50VG to 20PG/80VG

How to change your coil on the Aegis Touch T200 Kit?

  1. Unscrew the bottom base of your clearomizer Zeus Sub-Ohm
  2. Grab with your fingers or with the key (delivered with the kit) your coil to remove it. Take a new coil (that you have previously soaked in e-liquid) and place it in place of the used coil.
  3. Screw the bottom of your clearomizer. And that's it, you have changed your coil and just have to fill your tank with e-liquid.
Changing the coil in the Aegis Touch T200 kit

How to fill the clearomizer Zeus Sub-Ohm of your Kit Aegis Touch T200?

  1. Unscrew the upper part (top-cap) of your clearomizer Zeus Sub-Ohm.
  2. Add your e-liquid in one of the two openings placed on the outside.
  3. Screw your top-cap and it's done. You can again vape serenely!

Filling the clearomizer of the Aegis Touch T200

Dimensions of the kit Aegis Touch T200

Dimensions of the Aegis Touch T200 kit

The Aegis Touch T200 Kit is delivered with :

- 1 Box Aegis Touch T200

- 1 clearomizer Zeus Sub Ohm 2021

- 1 coil Z series Geekvape 0.15 ohm (preinstalled)

- 1 coil Z series Geekvape 0.40 ohm

- 1 set of spare parts

- 1 spare Pyrex tube

- 1 USB-C cable

- 1 user manual

With its wide range of products, such as pods, ecigarette kits, clearomizers, disposable vapes, Geek Vape has managed to make a place for itself among the manufacturers of vape equipment. Its products with increasingly innovative designs and technologies are very popular with vapers.

Capacity (ml)
5,5 ml
Hardware format
Battery type
2x 18650
Maximum power
Type of inhalation
Diameter (For compatibility)
Up to 26mm
Tank material
Top Airflow
Drip Tip compatibility
Drip Tip 810
Fill type
Top Filling
Sold individually
Compatible coils
Z series coils
Variable power / voltage
Charging possible via USB
Charging connection
Country of manufacture
made in China

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