Charger batteries SODA - Efest

The SODA battery charger from Efest allows to recharge two batteries simultaneously or independently thanks to two slots. It allows you to recharge the batteries of your Mods/Boxes or pod with external battery.

The detection of the battery format is done automatically and two LEDS (red and green) will indicate the charge of the batteries. You can also manually set the amperage for a normal or fast charge. A normal charge will allow a better longevity of your batteries

Accepted battery formats (not supplied) : 10440, 14500, 14650, 16340, 16650, 17650, 17670, 18350, 18490, 18500, 18650

SODA battery charger from Efest: light and compact!

The SODA charger allows to charge 2 batteries independently or simultaneously. The detection of the batteries is automatic and adapts the voltage and the charging mode to the formats. Two LEDs indicate the charge status of the batteries (red = not yet charged and green = fully charged) on each of the two slots. A button is also present on the base to allow you to select a normal charge (0.5 A) or a fast charge (1 A). Note that a normal charge is said to be more complete and will preserve the life of your batteries

Which batteries can I use the SODA charger with?

The SODA charger is compatible with IMR, Li-Mn and Li-on batteries.

Battery format (not supplied) accepted by the Soda charger

- 10440 - 14500 - 14650 - 16340 - 16650 - 17650 - 17670 - 18350 - 18490 - 18500 - 18650

Technical characteristics of the SODA battery charger of the brand Efest

- Dimensions: 145mm x 62mm x 32mm

- Input : DC 12V 1A

- Output voltage : 4,2V in 0,5 and 1 ampere

- Protection against short-circuit, polarity reversal and overload/overheating.

The SODA charger comes with

- 1 x SODA charger

- 1 x storage case

- 1 x AC adapter

Maximum charging current
Charging connection
Wall socket
Country of manufacture
made in China

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