Battery 18350 - 700 mAh - Efest

700mAh 18350
Battery 18350 - 700 mAh - Efest
Battery 18350 - 700 mAh - Efest

The Efest purple 18350 IMR of 700 mAh accepts a maximum discharge current of 10.5A and a continuous discharge current of 7A. You will be able to vape at very low coils (0,4 ohm). Its charge current is 1 amp. Ideal battery for electronic mods and for mecha mods 18350.

Model flat top.

700mAh 18350

Efest 18350 700 mAh battery

The 18350 battery from Efest has a maximum discharge current of 10.5A and a continuous current of 7A. The maximum charge voltage is estimated at 4.2V and the nominal voltage at 3.7V

Caution, we strongly advise you to recharge your battery with a external battery charger to preserve the life of your battery.

Technical information about the 18350 700 mAh battery

Important! It is extremely important to follow the safety rules for batteries. Batteries in poor condition can become dangerously hot or can outgas.

- Do not recharge batteries with torn packaging.

- Never leave batteries loose in a bag or pocket, but carry them in a suitable case

- Never leave them in contact with metal objects.

- If you have the slightest doubt, do not use your batteries

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