Burley - Vincent - 10 ml

10ml 60PG | 40VG Tobacco
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Burley - Vincent - 10 ml
Burley - Vincent - 10 ml

Vincent natural flavors in Vape become Vincent. The visuals change, the name is shortened but the recipes remain the same. The manufacturer VDLV offers us the very best with the Vincent range, featuring 100% natural flavours and 100% French nicotine: the Holy Grail! Always with the intention of Valorizing, Developingand Legitimizing Vapology, Vincent has been establishing itself for many years among the leading brands in the world of vape, and accompanies you throughout the process of stopping the killer, both at the beginning during and after.

Vincent's Burley e-liquid will satisfy first-time vapers looking for the predominant aroma of classic brown and dry leaf, followed by a hint of walnut and a light floral touch.

A ready-to-use e-liquid.

PG/VG ratio: 60/40. Suitable for all types of equipment.

Dosed at 0mg/ml, 3 mg/ml, 6 mg/ml,12 mg/ml and 16 mg /ml.

Made in France.

10ml 60PG | 40VG Tobacco Walnut Classic brown made in France

E-Liquide Burley de Vincent - VDLV - 10 ml : A dry, brown classic.

Vincent's Burley will appeal to vapers who love dry brown tobacco with a hint of floral and nuts.

Your Vincent e-liquid is made in France, with 100% natural flavors, and is regularly tested (microbiological and chemical analyses) to ensure optimum traceability and safety. Enjoy Vincent e-liquids AFNOR certified (standard XP-D90-300 part 2).

The only 100% French Nicotine!

This e-liquid is produced from French vapological nicotine carefully developed by VDLV.

Since 2016, VDLV has been working with farmers and agronomic engineers to grow more responsible tobacco in France to offer the best possible quality! From plant selection to nicotine extraction in their Cestas laboratory in Gironde, VDLV offers guaranteed traceability for all its products.

How to use 10 ml Burley Vincent e-liquid?

This 10 ml e-liquid is ready to vape. Simply open the vial and pour into the tank of your clearomizer or atomizer.

Characteristics of Burley natural flavors e-liquid.

10-ml P.E.T. bottle with child safety lock.

PG/VG ratio: 60/40. Suitable for all types of equipment

Dosed at 0 mg/ml, 3 mg/ml, 6 mg/ml, 12 mg/ml and 16 mg/ml.

Made in France


Labeling of e-liquid refills in compliance with article 48 of regulation 1272/2008.
3 mg harmful by the cutaneous route H312 category 4.
6 mg to 20 mg toxic by the cutaneous route H311 category 3.
Dangerous observe safety precautions.
Harmful do not ingest.

Capacity (ml)
PG/VG ratio or vegetol
60PG | 40VG
Walnut, Classic brown
Nicotine content in mg/ml
0 mg, 3 mg, 6 mg, 12 mg, 16 mg
Type of inhalation
Country of manufacture
made in France
Nicotine type

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