Mini Tool Kit V2 - Geek Vape

Mini Tool Kit V2 - Geek Vape
Mini Tool Kit V2 - Geek Vape
Mini Tool Kit V2 - Geek Vape
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Geekvape with this Mini Tool Kit V2, we offer a kit containing all the tools necessary to make confirmed vapers and newcomers real master in the world of rebuildable.

All the tools are neatly stored in their kit that you can take everywhere

Mini Tool Kit V2 from Geekvape, for the coil craftsmen.

Take control of your vape with this Mini Tool Kit V2, you'll have all the tools in hand to give yourself a 100% customized vape experience. From the simplest setups for beginners getting into rebuildable, to the most exotic setups that coil maestros will proudly post on Reddit

The Geekvape Mini Tool Kit V2 contains:

- 1 x Cutting pliers

- 1 x Clamp

- 1 x Ceramic head pliers

- 1 x Pair of scissors

- 1 x Phillips screwdriver

- 1 x Flat screwdriver

- 1 x Coiling kit of 2.0 mm, 2.5 mm, 3 mm, 3.5 mm

To your resistive wires, let your talent give life to your RTA and RDA.

With its wide range of products, such as pods, ecigarette kits, clearomizers, disposable vapes, Geek Vape has managed to make a place for itself among the manufacturers of vape equipment. Its products with increasingly innovative designs and technologies are very popular with vapers.

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