Ceramic heads clip
Ceramic heads clip

The tweezers with ceramic head (called "tweezer") is part of the essential accessories for mounting and lapping your coils on a rebuildable atomizer. Know that the ceramic is non-conductive and will allow you to pinch the micro coils during the heating to solidify them.

The pointed ceramic tip brings more precision.

A must for fans of micro-coils cotton mounts.

Ceramic head tweezers for micro coils

This tweeter clamp will be perfect for mounting and lapping your micro coils on your rebuildable atomizer. It is the essential accessory of any good rebuildable vaper

The ceramic tip is non-conductive so you can pinch your micro coil while heating it, without the risk of burning yourself. The precise clamp allows you to tighten the coils during the break-in phase. Then, to heat your coil by jerks to see the hot spots. Then, lightly rub the micro coil with the pliers where the hot spots are. Repeat to get a uniform heating.

Warning, the rebuildable requires knowledge of Ohm's law.

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