Pineapple Peach Strawberry - Tasty by LiquidArom | 50 ml "Shortfill 70 ml"

50ml 50PG | 50VG Fruity Pineapple Peach Strawberry

The Tasty Collection by the French manufacturer LiquidArom, are combinations of flavors giving birth to e-liquids that do not lack taste. And tastes, there is a lot, thanks to recipes that will delight gourmands and others that will make vapers fans of fruity juices.

It is a juice with supercharged flavors that delivers this liquid Pineapple Peach Strawberry. A real mishmash of tangy, sweet and sunny notes, this trio of summer scent does not lack panache with its fruits as colorful as a carnival. This e-liquid from LiquidArom will bring you summer scents throughout the year, a pleasure at every puff.

Unicorn bottle of 70 ml with 50 ml of liquid with boosted flavors inside. To dilute with nicotine boosters (not included) to obtain the desired dose. 1 booster for 3 mg/ml and 2 boosters for 6 mg/ml.

Ratio PG / VG: 50/50. Can be vape on all e-cigarettes.

Nicotine content: 0 mg/ml.

Made in France.

Warning this product requires a booster
50ml 50PG | 50VG Fruity Pineapple Peach Strawberry made in France
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E-Liquid shortfill 50 ml Pineapple Peach Strawberry Tasty Collection by LiquidArom

It matches between the flavors in the Tasty Collection by LiquidArom. Discover flavor blends with luscious results, both with fruity and gourmet tastes. Whatever your desires, there is a liquid for you in the Tasty Collection!

The least we can say is that the harvest was good with this e-liquid that offers not two, but three fruits with complementary flavors. The sunny scent of pineapple blends perfectly with the sweetness of peach and the slight acidity of strawberry. Let yourself be carried away by this whirlwind of fruity flavors with each puff.

How to use the eliquid shortfill Pineapple Peach Strawberry?

The eliquid shortfill Pineapple Peach Strawberry is packaged in a unicorn bottle of 70 ml containing 50 ml of liquid flavors boosted. This juice is to dilute with nicotine boosters (not provided) to obtain the desired dose of nicotine:

  • 1 booster for 3 mg/ml
  • 2 boosters for 6 mg/ml

Characteristics of the e-liquid Pineapple Peach Strawberry Tasty Collection of LiquidArom :

  • Bottle of 70 ml in P.E.T with child safety.
  • 50 ml of eliquid boosted in flavors.
  • Ratio PG / VG: 50/50. Fits all vapes.
  • Rate of nicotine: 0 mg/ml.
  • Made in France.

Capacity (ml)
PG/VG ratio or vegetol
50PG | 50VG
Pineapple, Peach, Strawberry
Nicotine content in mg/ml
0 mg
Free volume for nicotine shots in ml
Type of inhalation
Country of manufacture
made in France

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