Aegis Legend 2 L200 Kit - Geek Vape

5,5ml 2x 18650 200W RDL DTL

The Aegis Legend 2 L200 from Geek Vape is the successor to the first Aegis Legend. It returns with a larger capacity of 5.5 ml, smaller dimensions, lighter weight and even more ergonomic curves.

The Aegis Legend 2 L200 box is IP67 and IP68 certified, which means it is shockproof, dustproof, waterproof and moistureproof, but even more incredible at temperatures between -20°C and +50°C. The mod works with 2 18650 batteries (not included). There are 5 modes: Power (from 5 to 200W), ByPass, TC, TCR, VPC to be adjusted via the1.08 TFT color screen

The Zeus subohm clearomizer edition 2021, with top-filling, offers a DL or RDL draw for large clouds of steam. The anti-leakage top airflow allows you to adjust the airflow. The tank is compatible with Geek Vape's Z series resistors.

Warning this product requires a battery
5,5ml 2x 18650 200W RDL DTL

The return of the legend with the Aegis Legend 2 kit from Geek Vape

After the Aegis Legend of Geek Vape, find the Aegis Legend 2 L200. This one is composed of the box Aegis Legend 2 L200 and the famous clearomizer Zeus subohm but this time in 2021 edition with a larger tank. The Aegis Legend 2.0 is even lighter. Its dimensions have been refined and its curves are more ergonomic for an exceptional grip. However, the ecig keeps its indestructible side with IP67 and IP68 certification. Perfect for a DL or RDL print with big clouds of steam!


The box Aegis Legend 2 L200 of Geek Vape: Its great performance

The Aegis Legend 2 is the successor of the Aegis Legend 1 with refined dimensions, lighter weight and more ergonomic shapes. The mod works thanks to 2 18650 batteries (not included) that you insert via the flap under the box. The vape charges quickly via a micro-USB C cable delivered. This USB port is located next to the tank under the silicone cover for a seamless seal. However, we strongly recommend that you charge your batteries via an external battery charger to preserve their life.

Made of zinc alloy and silicone, the Aegis Legend is even more indestructible with its IP67 and IP68 certification (tri-proof technology). But, what does it mean? The box is resistant to water, dust, shocks but also humidity. And that's not all! It is also resistant to low temperatures (-20°C) and high temperatures (+50°C)

Its ergonomic curves offer a comfort in hand that you will not be able to do without. Its silicone coating resembles leather which provides even more comfort in the palm of the hand.


With the e-cigarette Aegis is no less than 5 modes that are available to you:

- Power Mode (variable power): manual power setting (in Watts) from 5W to 200W

- ByPass mode: power according to the level of charge of the batteries to imitate a mecha mod

- Temperature control mode (TC): setting of the maximum temperature not to be exceeded for the Ni, Ti and SS resistive wires

- TCR mode: more advanced setting of the TC mode

- VPC mode (curve): custom setting of the power curve


These modes are set via the1.08 TFT colour screen and the 2 adjustment buttons - and +. To do this, press the switch button 3 times then scroll through the modes with the adjustment buttons and finally remain pressed on the fire button to select.

To lock the electronic cigarette, it's simple and effective thanks to theA-Lock system! Just push the button on the side of the mod. For even more possibilities, change the brightness of the screen and the color theme, but also switch to discrete mode.


The new clearomizer Zeus subohm edition 2021 of Geek Vape

The Zeus subohm is still here with this time a 2021 edition with a larger 5.5 ml bulb tank. This clearo is ideal for a DL and RDL draw thanks to its 810 drip tip. But also, its top-airflow anti-leak with large openings for large clouds of steam. Or, opt for a more restrictive draw by turning the airflow ring.

Top-filling is very simple. To do this, unscrew the top cap before filling.


The Geek Vape clearo is compatible with the Z series resistors, 2 of which are delivered to you:

- Resistance Z series 0.2 ohm (pre-installed) (kanthal A1 mesh): DL air vape (with large clouds of steam) - to use between 70 to 80W - ratio 50PG/50VG or 20PG/80VG or 30PG/70VG or 40PG/60VG

- Z series resistor of 0.25 ohm (mesh in kanthal A1): RDL vape - to be used between 45 and 75W - ratio 50PG/50VG or 20PG/80VG or 30PG/70VG or 40PG/60VG

The mesh technology promotes dense steam, but also the excellent restitution of flavors. Also use your Zeus clearomizer of Geek Vape with the following others z series resistors following :

- Z series resistor of 0.15 ohm (mesh in kanthal A1): very airy DL vape (with large clouds of vapor) - to be used between 70 and 85W - ratio 50PG/50VG or 20PG/80VG or 30PG/70VG or 40PG/60VG

- Z series resistor of 0.40 ohm (mesh in kanthal A1): aerial vape DL - to use between 50 and 60W - ratio 50PG/50VG or 20PG/80VG or 30PG/70VG or 40PG/60VG

To replace the resistance, unscrew your clearo, then its base and remove the damaged resistance with the key provided. Prime a new coil, place it, fill the tank and finally wait 10 minutes before vaping.

The kit Aegis Legend 2 L200 Geek Vape comes with :

- 1 box Aegis Legend 2 L200 200W

- 1 clearomizer Zeus subohm edition 2021 5.5 ml

- 1 pyrex replacement of 5.5 ml (bulb format)

- 1 resistor Z series of 0.2 ohm (preinstalled)

- 1 Z series resistor of 0.25 ohm

- 1 resistor key

- 1 set of spare parts

- 1 micro USB-C cable

- 1 user manual

The characteristics of the ecigarette Aegis Legend 2 of Geek Vape :

- Dimensions: 140 mm x 29 mm x 54 mm

Capacity (ml)
Hardware format
Battery type
2x 18650
Maximum power
Type of inhalation
Adjustable, Top Airflow
Fill type
Top Filling
Compatible coils
Z series coils
With settings
Charging possible via USB
Country of manufacture
made in China

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