Strawberry Pie - Nicotine salts - Salt E-Vapor | 10 ml

10ml 50PG | 50VG Fruity Sweet Pie Strawberry
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Strawberry Pie - Nicotine salts - Salt E-Vapor | 10 ml
Strawberry Pie - Nicotine salts - Salt E-Vapor | 10 ml
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Salt E-Vapor is the brand of e-liquids with nicotine salts from French laboratory Lips, and it's fair to say that it has become a real benchmark for salt lovers. Find the lab's best recipes in nicotine salt versions that are particularly well suited to stop smoking.

When it comes to pie, it's hard to miss the strawberry pie. This must-have dessert becomes an unmissable e-liquid for fans of gourmet juices with fruity notes. Salt E-Vapor has donned its pastry chef's hat and delivers a succulent tart with beautiful, well-sweetened strawberries and a pastry that adds an irresistible indulgence.

The nicotine salts contained in this e-liquid offer a high nicotine intake and rapid assimilation by the body while avoiding the throat irritation that can be caused by standard e-liquids with high nicotine levels. These liquids are to be consumed on MTL equipment between 10 and 20W.

PG/VG ratio: 50/50.

Dosed at 10 mg/ml and 20 mg/ml.

Manufactured in France.

10ml 50PG | 50VG Fruity Sweet Pie Strawberry made in France

E-Liquid nicotine salts 10 ml Strawberry Pie by Salt E-Vapor : Just like the real thing!

Smoking becomes a real moment of pleasure with this Strawberry Pie liquid with nicotine salts by Salt E-Vapor. This liquid plays the authenticity card with a surprisingly realistic strawberry pie taste that you won't be able to live without.

The Strawberry Pie liquid by Salt E-Vapor is available in 10 mg/ml or 20 mg/ml to adapt to your nicotine needs and help you in your smoking cessation.

Learn more about the nicotine salts contained in the Strawberry Pie e-liquid.

Compared to a traditional e-liquid, juices with nicotine salts are absorbed more quickly by the body due to their slightly smaller molecule, so your nicotine needs will be satisfied more quickly. What's more, the throat sensation (hit) of nicotine salt liquids is milder even at high levels, unlike traditional nicotine, which can be quite aggressive and irritating.

To use nicotine salts, it's important to have the right equipment, including a resistor of around 1 ohm or more, and a maximum power of 20W.

Characteristics of Salt E-Vapor Strawberry Pie e-liquid:

10 ml P.E.T bottle with child safety.

PG/VG ratio: 50/50.

Dosed at 10 mg/ml and 20 mg/ml.

Made in France.


Labelling of e-liquid refills in accordance with the provisions of Article 48 of Regulation 1272/2008.
3 mg: harmful by the cutaneous route H312 category 4.
6 mg to 20 mg: toxic by the cutaneous contact H311 category 3.
Dangerous: follow the precautions for use.
Noxious: do not ingest.

Capacity (ml)
PG/VG ratio or vegetol
50PG | 50VG
Fruity, Sweet
Pie, Strawberry
Nicotine content in mg/ml
Nic Salt 10 mg/ml, Nic Salt 20 mg/ml
Type of inhalation
Country of manufacture
made in France
Nicotine type

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