Avocado Baby Pro Pod Kit - Vaptio

3,5ml 1300mAh Internal battery 25W RDL MTL
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Avocado Baby Pro Pod Kit - Vaptio
Avocado Baby Pro Pod Kit - Vaptio
Avocado Baby Pro Pod Kit - Vaptio
Avocado Baby Pro Pod Kit - Vaptio
Avocado Baby Pro Pod Kit - Vaptio
Avocado Baby Pro Pod Kit - Vaptio
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The Avocado Baby pod from Vaptio makes a stunning comeback with the arrival of the Avocado Baby Pro. After the great success of the original version, the Avocado Baby ate its 5 fruits and vegetables a day and returns in a Pro version that brings improvements at every level. The unique, uncluttered style of the Vaptio pod is preserved, but you can now enjoy a 1300 mAh battery, maximum power of 25W and a tank that can now hold up to 3.5 ml of e-liquid.

Newcomers to the world of vape will find everything they need. The Pod Avocado Baby Pro is a very easy-to-use e-cig requiring no adjustment. Well, almost, as it comes with three presets to suit the resistance used. Compatible with the new Avocado Baby Pro cartridges, you'll have different options for enjoying a tight MTL indirect inhalation or a more airy RDL vape (this kit contains the 0.6 ohm cartridge, MTL 1.2 ohm version sold separately). Find out more about this adorable pod just below.

3,5ml 1300mAh Internal battery 25W RDL MTL

Vaptio Avocado Baby Pro Pod: The Avocado Baby has grown up!

Pod Vaptio Avocado Baby Pro

Vaptio's excellent Avocado Baby pod now has a pro version, and we can't help but celebrate the arrival of this new baby. Just by looking at it, there's no doubt it's an Avocado. Its streamlined design, devoid of any screen and equipped with a simple fire button, delivers an e-cigarette that's easy on the eye, and like a little kid, you can't help but put it in your mouth. As with its predecessor, Vaptio has incorporated two small windows so you can keep an eye on your e-liquid level, and the tank is protected by a cap, both practical and stylish. Very compact, this uniquely styled pod is to die for, and even then, you haven't seen what it's got in the belly.

Pod Avocado Baby Pro: 25W and three modes

Simplicity isn't the only thing the Avocado Baby Pro has going for it: it's also perfectly suited to beginners. With a single button, you can control everything from switching on and off (5 presses), to vaping (although you can also activate autodraw) and selecting one of the three power modes on offer. By pressing the fire button three times, you can choose one of the three preset wattages, with 3 LEDs indicating which mode is active. 3 LEDs for High mode, 2 LEDs for Medium mode and 1 LED for Low mode.

No need to worry about precise settings, all these modes take advantage of the pod's 25W max power and are automatically adapted to the coil used.

Avocado Baby Pro pod: even longer autonomy

Previously equipped with an internal 1100 mAh battery, the Pro version offers you even more autonomy with a built-in 1300 mAh battery. This means you'll have enough juice to vape all day, and the battery level is indicated by an LED system that lights up with each puff.

- 4 LEDs from 100 to 75%.

- 3 LEDs from 75 to 50%.

- 2 LEDs from 50 to 25%.

- 1 LED from 25 to 0%.

Once you've reached the last LED, you can count on super-fast recharging via USB-C, thanks to the 2A max charging current that Avocado Baby Pro can handle (USB-C cable supplied).

The Avocado Baby Pro cartridge

It's not just the battery that's been revamped, the Avocado Baby Pro cartridge now offers a 3.5 ml e-liquid capacity. Available in several values for different vaping sensations, this kit features the 0.6 ohm version. Its mesh resistor ensures excellent flavor reproduction with a slightly airy RDL draw. You're free to adjust your vaping sensation thanks to the adjustable airflow on the underside of the cartridge. For those who prefer indirect inhalation, closer to the sensation of a classic cigarette, a 1.2 ohm cartridge (sold separately) is also available right hereAvocado Baby Pro cartridges.

- Cartouche Avocado Baby Pro 0.60 ohm Mesh : Vape MTL/RDL - ratio 60PG/40VG to 40PG/60VG - Prefer e-liquids not exceeding 9 mg/ml of nicotine.

- Avocado Baby Pro 1.20 ohm cartridge (sold separately): Very tight MTL vape - ratio 80PG/20VG to 50PG/50VG - Suitable for e-liquids with nicotine salts, CBD or high nicotine levels.

How to fill your Avocado Baby Pro cartridge:

Remplissage du pod Avocado Baby Pro

  • Remove the cap from the Avocado Baby Pro.
  • Open the silicone tab.
  • Fill with e-liquid and close.
  • Replace the cap on the Avocado Baby Pro.

Replace the Avocado Baby Pro cartridge:

Remplacement de cartouche Avocado Baby Pro

  • Remove the cartridge from the battery (magnetic fastener).
  • Install a new cartridge in its place.
  • If the cartridge is new, prime it well before vaping by letting the coil soak for about ten minutes in a tank filled with e-liquid.

Vaptio Avocado Baby Pro pod dimensions:

Dimensions du pod Avocado Baby Pro

The Vaptio Avocado Baby Pro pod kit contains :

  • 1x Avocado Baby Pro battery
  • 1x Avocado Baby Pro 0.6 ohm cartridge
  • 1x USB-C cable
  • 1x User manual
Capacity (ml)
Hardware format
Pod system
Battery life (mah)
Battery type
Internal battery
Maximum power
Type of inhalation
Bottom Airflow, Adjustable
Fill type
Side Filling
Charging possible via USB
Maximum charging current
Charging connection
Country of manufacture
made in China

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