Flexus AIO Pod Kit - Aspire

5ml 2000mAh Internal battery RDL MTL
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Flexus AIO Pod Kit - Aspire
Flexus AIO Pod Kit - Aspire
Flexus AIO Pod Kit - Aspire
Flexus AIO Pod Kit - Aspire
Flexus AIO Pod Kit - Aspire
Flexus AIO Pod Kit - Aspire
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With Aspire and their Flexus AIO pod, the future is now! This pod, with a design straight out of Night City, takes you back in time to an era when Elon Musk's soul transposed into an AI rules the world - spoiler alert, there's still no Marty Mcfly-style hoverboard in sight. It's not very enchanting, I grant you, but you can take comfort in the fact that you have an ultra-stylish podmod.

In addition to its devastating good looks, the Flexus AIO pod is a high-performance performer, with a built-in battery offering inexhaustible autonomy of 2000 mAh for an e-cig only 12 cm high. Accompanied by the Flexus AIO cartridge compatible with the excellent AF coils, of which two versions (0.6 ohm and 1.0 ohm) will be delivered with your pod, you'll be able to enjoy a quality MTL or RDL vape. To further personalize your sensations, the Flexus AIO pod features an adjustable airflow and 3 power levels, each preset and adapted to the installed coil, so there's no risk of dry-hit and zero adjustments to be made.

5ml 2000mAh Internal battery RDL MTL

Aspire Flexus AIO Pod: The Pod of 2075

Pod Flexus AIO Aspire

Manufacturer Aspire welcomes you to tomorrow's vape today with the Flexus AIO, a pod with a bold, futuristic look. The Flexus AIO pod, with its transparent, aluminum finish, will be arriving in your home. Its small size gives this eccentric e-cig a discreet look, so you can take it anywhere, and its rounded side will fit your hand perfectly for perfect ergonomics and ultimate vape comfort.

Pod Aspire Flexus AIO: a simplified vape experience

Despite its complex and impressive design, the Flexus AIO pod barks more than it bites, because it's hard to get much simpler to use. Everything is automated, with three power presets, each adapted to the coil installed, so you won't have to make any adjustments, just choose the power level that suits you best. With no risk of overheating or dry-hits, this Flexus AIO pod is an e-cigarette that will suit novice vapers as well as experts looking for ease of use or simply a uniquely styled pod. A button under the fire button lets you change the power level, and a system of three LEDs indicates the selected level.

Aspire Flexus AIO: extended vape sessions

This Aspire pod may be a half-portion, but it still boasts a 2,000 mAh internal battery, so you can vape like crazy all day long. Once depleted, the joy of built-in batteries kicks in, no external charger required, just a simple plug-in via the USB-C port (cable supplied) and off you go for a quick charge. Once again, with this Flexus AIO pod, everything has been designed to make your life easier: less hassle, more vape. Your battery level is indicated by an LED on the fire button, which changes color according to the battery level remaining, from green to blue to red.

The Flexus AIO cartridge for exceptional performance

The flexus AIO cartridge included with your Flexus AIO pod features a PCTG reservoir with an impressive 5 ml capacity. The reservoir is easily filled from the top by removing the top cap, which features a comfortable delrin drip tip. What's more, this cartridge lets you adjust the airflow by simply rotating it.

The cartridge is compatible with AF coils, both versions of which you'll receive in your kit, so you can enjoy the wide range of sensations the Flexus AIO has to offer.

- 0.6 ohm AF coils (mesh and organic cotton): RDL draw (dense vapor) - use between 15 and 18W - ratio 60PG/40VG to 40PG/60VG - compatible with nicotine salts up to 10 mg/ml and standard liquids up to 9 mg/ml.

- 1.0 ohm AF coils (mesh and organic cotton): MTL tight draw (excellent flavor rendition) - use between 12 and 15W - ratio 50PG/50VG to 80PG/20VG - compatible with nicotine salts, CBD and high nicotine levels.

The Flexus AIO pod is also compatible with the flexus Stik cartridge.

How to fill your Flexus AIO cartridge:

Remplissage du pod Flexus AIO d'Aspire

  • Remove the top cap.
  • Fill with e-liquid.
  • Replace top cap.
  • Leave to rest for ten minutes if the coil is new.

How to replace a coil on your Flexus AIO cartridge :

Changement de résistance Pod Flexus AIO

  • Remove the cartridge from the pod.
  • Insert the coil under the cartridge.
  • Replace the cartridge on the pod.

Aspire Flexus AIO pod dimensions:

Dimensions du pod Flexus AIO

The Flexus AIO pod kit contains :

- 1 Flexus AIO pod

- 1 Flexus AIO cartridge

- 1 x 0.6 ohm AF coil (pre-installed)

- 1 x 1.0 ohm AF coil

- 1 USB-C cable

- 1 user manual

Capacity (ml)
Hardware format
Pod system
Battery life (mah)
Battery type
Internal battery
Type of inhalation
Adjustable, Transversal Position (Side-Airflow)
Fill type
Top Filling
With settings
Charging possible via USB
Charging connection
Country of manufacture
made in China
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