Pod Kit Le Pod Refill by Pulp (Wenax M1) - Geekvape

2ml 800mAh Internal battery 16W MTL
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Pod Kit Le Pod Refill by Pulp (Wenax M1) - Geekvape
Pod Kit Le Pod Refill by Pulp (Wenax M1) - Geekvape
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Two big names in vape join forces to give birth to a small pod whose use, could not be simpler, will not fail to caress the beginners in the direction of the hair. You are dealing here with a pod Wenax M1 of Geekvape which is wearing the colors of Pulp to make it the ideal e-cigarette to start your smoking cessation or replace disposable puffs. And what better way to get started in the vape than e-liquids with nicotine salts from the range "The Pod" by Pulp simple and effective flavors tailored to satisfy the most demanding novices in terms of quality.

Level of operation, nothing could be simpler, the Pod Refill by Pulp is equipped with an automatic draw, we inhale and it vapors alone, no need for a button. Its 800 mAh battery recharges quickly via its USB-C port (cable not included). The only handling required is to fill its cartridge Wenax M1 with your favorite liquid, once the coil HS, you will only have to replace it with a new cartridge. Isn't life great?

2ml 800mAh Internal battery 16W MTL

The Pod Refill by Pulp: The second step

Pod Refill paer Pulp Wenax M1 Geekvape

You started your smoking cessation with disposable puffs or you want to quit smoking and start in the vape without taking the cabbage? Then the Pod Refill by Pulp is for you! This Wenax M1 pod from Geekvape has a Pulp look and it's not fiction. The ease of use of this pod is real, besides filling and replacing its Wenax M1 cartridge, you won't have to do any other handling. The power setting is done automatically and its auto draw operation allows you to enjoy its tight MTL draw similar to the traditional cigarette without any buttons. If you have ever used a disposable e-cigarette, then you will feel right at home.

The Pod Refill by Pulp and its rechargeable battery

The puff has revolutionized the vape by giving a very (too ?) simple access to the vape, however the product itself is quite backward. Indeed, who would have thought that a return to single-use batteries could have so much success in a period where the ecological impact is at the heart of all debates. So the real revolution of this pod Refill by Pulp that finally is not one is its rechargeable battery.

By dropping the disposable e-cigs to move to the Pod Refill by Pulp it is a hell of a lot less waste, while preserving a comfort of use. Indeed, the integrated battery of 800 mAh of this pod will hold you the day and will recharge very quickly thanks to its USB-C port. Note that the charging cable is not included but you must have one lying around the house if you're reading this on a smartphone or tablet.

Discover endless flavors with the Pod Refill by Pulp!

There are a few puff manufacturers that manage to stand out from the crowd by offering some original flavors, but we have to admit that most of them always bring out the same flavors in a different format. This is where the open system comes into its own, opening the door to an infinite number of flavors, created by talented manufacturers with the best ingredients.

Perfect for getting started, the the Pod by Pulp are liquids salts of nicotines available in different dosages to accompany you effectively in your smoking cessation. But it remains a drop of water in the ocean of possibilities that are open to you with this system Pod Refill by Pulp can accommodate any e-liquid whose vegetable glycerin content is less than or equal to 50%.

The cartridge Wenax M1 Geekvape: Engine of flavor

With your Pod Refill by Pulp, you will receive a cartridge Geekvape Wenax M1 cartridge of 0.8 ohm, of what to put you directly in the bath. The cartridge Wenax M1 has a tank of 2 ml which fills very easily and when the integrated coil is HS, one does not take the head, one replaces all the cartridge. No adjustment to do, you clip the cartridge, the pod recognizes its value and adapts its power automatically to offer the best inhalation.

- Cartridge Wenax M1 0.80 ohm: MTL draw - ratio 60PG/40VG to 50PG/50VG - compatible nicotine salts and high nicotine rate.

How to fill the cartridge Wenax M1 pod Refill by Pulp :

Remplissage de la cartouche Wenax M1 Pod Refill Pulp

  • Remove the cartridge from the pod.
  • Remove the silicone cap and fill with e-liquid.
  • Close the cap and put the cartridge on the pod (let the coil soak in e-liquid for ten minutes if the cartridge is new).

How to replace your cartridge Wenax M1 :

Remplacer une cartouche Wenax M1

  • Remove the cartridge from the pod by pulling it.
  • Clip another cartridge.

The dimensions of the pod Refill by Pulp :

Dimensions du pod Refill Pulp

The Refill by Pulp pod kit contains:

- 1 Pod Refill by Pulp

- 1 Wenax M1 cartridge of 0.80 ohm

Capacity (ml)
Hardware format
Mini format - discreet, Pod system
Battery life (mah)
Battery type
Internal battery
Maximum power
Type of inhalation
Bottom Airflow, Non-adjustable
Fill type
Side Filling
Charging possible via USB
Charging connection
Country of manufacture
made in China
The team's favourite, Bestseller

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