Aegis boost 2 Pod Kit (B60) - Geek Vape

2000mAh Internal battery DLR DL
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Aegis boost 2 Pod Kit (B60) - Geek Vape
Aegis boost 2 Pod Kit (B60) - Geek Vape
Aegis boost 2 Pod Kit (B60) - Geek Vape
Aegis boost 2 Pod Kit (B60) - Geek Vape
Aegis boost 2 Pod Kit (B60) - Geek Vape
Aegis boost 2 Pod Kit (B60) - Geek Vape
Aegis boost 2 Pod Kit (B60) - Geek Vape
Aegis boost 2 Pod Kit (B60) - Geek Vape
Aegis boost 2 Pod Kit (B60) - Geek Vape
Aegis boost 2 Pod Kit (B60) - Geek Vape
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Geekvape's little badass is back in force with the arrival of the Aegis Boost 2 Pod, also known as the B60. Don't get me wrong, its small size that will fit easily in the palm of your hand embeds a great power of 60 watts and an internal battery of 2000 mah.

It will delight above all the amateurs of big clouds by proposing an alternative more portable than the DL setups that we are used to see. In addition to its portability, the Pod Aegis Boost 2 does not fear anything, its IP68 certification waterproof, shockproof, dustproof allows you to vape against all odds, in the heart of Krakatoa, in the middle of the Sahara or in your bath.

This rock-solid pod adorned with its 5 ml cartridge offers a great autonomy of e-liquid and a filling on top allowing a refuelling without the need for a third hand

Do not wait any longer, if Bob Morane was a vapr, it is the Aegis Boost 2 that he would have chosen.

2000mAh Internal battery DLR DL


Aegis boost 2 B60 Geek Vape resistant

The famous IP68 certification of the B60, certainly, will not allow you to make a remake of the Big Blue, but will still let you vape in your inflatable pool without fear, which is already a feat in itself. The robustness of the Aegis Boost 2 does not stop there, resistant to dust, it also knows how to take the blows thanks to its silicone base. The Aegis Boost 2 B60 pod from Geekvape is for vapers and action vapers, whether you climb the Matterhorn or raid World of Warcraft.

Despite this strength, the aesthetics of the pod Aegis Boost 2 is not outdone thanks to its leather finish bringing a pleasant grip and colours for all tastes, from the most sober to the most showy.

Moreover, Geekvape has incorporated the small switch already present on their latest models of boxes to turn on and off your pod Aegis Boost 2 easily, you will have no more excuses for leaving it on in your pocket.

Technology waterproof kit aegis boost 2 b60 Geek Vape

Geekvape Aegis Boost 2 B60 has a great battery life

The Aegis Boost 2 B60 incorporates an internal 2000 mah battery that charges quickly via its USB-C port, like a good sidekick, it won't let you down.

Battery life 2000 mah kit aegis boost b60 Geek vape

The Aegis Boost 2 Geekvape pod has all the makings of a great one

Despite its compact size, the pod B60 Aegis Boost 2 Geekvape grants a maximum power of 60 watts for the greatest happiness of vapers eager for big clouds. Flash News: A wave of mist is come into your living room.

The pod Aegis Boost 2 B60 welcomes the AS 3.0 chipset

From the curved LED screen of 0.96" offering a colour display, you can set your vape experience and take advantage of the chipset AS 3. 0 pod B60 Aegis Boost 2. Several modes are available to you, you'll just have to find one that suits you:

- The SMART mode, will adapt the power of the kit to the installed resistance, which will avoid accidental overheated hits.

- The POWER mode allows you to freely adjust the power of your B60 between 5 and 60 watts.

- The BOOST mode lets you continue a nice cloud production with a stable power even with a low battery level.

- The TCR mode with which you can adjust your heating coefficient for an optimal use of your resistors.

- The VPC mode for vape geeks looking for an experience of their own, you can set the power curve until you reach the ultimate setting.

Many colours pod kit Aegis boost 1 B60 Geek Vape

Geekvape B series coils join the adventure

You can equip your Aegis Boost 2 pod with Geekvape's B series coils. These coils are available in a wide variety of ohmages, so you're sure to find one that suits you. Included in the Aegis Boost 2 B60 kit, you will find two B Series coils, one 0.6 ohm and one 0.2 ohm to help you choose your future coil pack.

The Aegis Boost 2 B60 cartridge from Geekvape

Geekvape treats us with this cartridge with a capacity of 5 ml and with an adjustable top-airflow which is therefore placed on top of the cartridge avoiding the risk of leaks. The practical and adventurous aspects of the pod Aegis Boost 2 are once again highlighted with the ability to refill your e-liquid directly from the top of the cartridge by simply removing the silicone cap, no need to unclip it.

To install your coil, you will simply clip it below the cartridge, to remove a used coil there will be only to unclip it. If you have difficulty removing a coil, you can use the small coil wrench provided with the Aegis Boost 2 kit

Your Aegis Boost 2 B60 kit will be delivered with :

- 1 Aegis Boost 2 B60 kit

- 1 B Series 0.6 ohm coil

- 1 B Series 0.2 ohm coil

- 1 USB-C cable

- 1 key for coils

- 1 user manual

The dimensions pod Aegis Boost 2 of Geekvape

111 mm X 40 mm X 30 mm for 156 g

With its wide range of products, such as pods, ecigarette kits, clearomizers, disposable vapes, Geek Vape has managed to make a place for itself among the manufacturers of vape equipment. Its products with increasingly innovative designs and technologies are very popular with vapers.

Capacity (ml)
5 ml
Hardware format
Pod system
Battery life
Battery type
Internal battery
Maximum power
Type of inhalation
Drip Tip compatibility
Drip Tip Not replaceable
Fill type
Top Filling
Charging possible via USB
Country of manufacture
made in China
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Bonjour, vous pouvez utiliser tous types de liquides menthe, avec un ratio de 50 PG / 50 VG jusqu'à un ratio de 20 PG / 80 VG sauf pour la résistance 0.6 ohm qui sera compatible avec un ratio de 30 PG / 70 VG.
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