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420mAh 1600mAh Internal battery MTL
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You have difficulties to stop smoking? Then start vaping! But you also have difficulty vaping? Then use the Vilter pro pod from Aspire. It is a perfect ecigarette for a transition cigarette / e-cigarette. This one offers a tight draw MTL with excellent restitution of flavours whose sensations are similar to the traditional cigarette

Its drip tip filter in PET and paper imitates the filter of the traditional cigarette. But you can also use the delrin drip tip supplied.

The pod is ultra easy to use. To vape, you just have to inhale. The battery of 420 mAh is recharged through the powerbank delivered 1600 mAh which itself is recharged quickly in 50 minutes. The cartridge of 2 ml is filled on the side. A mesh coil of 1.2 ohm is directly integrated. No need to bother changing it.

The compact size fits easily into a pocket. Made of zinc alloy and leather, this vape is elegant and comfortable for the hand.

420mAh 1600mAh Internal battery MTL

The Vilter pro pod of Aspire, a perfect vape for the beginner and nomad vapers!

The Vilter pod of Aspire returns with its pro version very elegant: the Vilter pro! This ecigarette allows a transition to vape hyper easy. Why? Already by its tight draw MTL (indirect inhalation) resembling the classic cigarette. But also, thanks to its drip tip filter in PET and paper that looks like the filter of the classic cigarette. The whole offering an excellent restitution of the flavours of e-liquids. Compact and light, this vape fits easily into a pocket. In addition, its powerbank allows you to always have the battery wherever you are!

View in a Vilter Pro car

The great autonomy of the electronic cigarette Vilter pro Aspire

The Vilter Pro pod is equipped with an internal battery of 420 mAh. The level of charge is indicated by an LED color:

- Red: 0 to 30%

- Blue: 30 to 60%

- Green: 60 to 100%

Vilter Pro wireless charging

This vape is charged through the powerbank (supplied), wirelessly through a magnetic port (0.5A charge). The powerbank itself has a range of 1600 mAh. This makes in all an incredible autonomy of 2020 mAh! That is to say, an autonomy of 5 days (attention, this also depends on the use of the ecig)! Perfect for the nomadic vapers all the time on the go! You can recharge your little jewel wherever you are

The powerbank charges quickly in just 50 minutes via the USB-C cable supplied (2A). Know that you can recharge your pod at the same time as the powerbank

Vilter Pro in the Powerbank

An easy smoking cessation with the ecigarette Vilter pro Aspire

Smoking cessation can be difficult. So, Aspire has found the solution with its Vilter Pro pod. This one offers a tight draw MTL rich in flavours so you can find the sensations of the classic cigarette and therefore be less disoriented. In addition, you can use your electronic cigarette with nicotine salts and high nicotine levels.

The magnetized vilter pro cartridge 2 ml PCTG already has its integrated coil of 1.2 ohm in kanthal AF. This coil offers a long life and exceptional flavours. The filling is done on the side. To do this, remove the cartridge from the battery, then the silicone cap. Prefer an eliquid ratio 50PG/50VG to 80PG/20VG.

Filling on the side of the Vilter Pro cartridge

When the coil is damaged, it is the whole cartridge that you must change. You just have to unclip the tank and clip another. Attention, when you change cartridge, do not throw away the delrin drip tip of your old cartridge. It is necessary to change your cartridge about every 2 weeks depending on your use. Remember to replace your cartridge when you change flavour or if you feel a burnt taste.

Aspire did not stop there! You can use your pod with the following drip tips:

- Drip tip Vilter pro in delrin: MTL print restricted

- Drip tip filter in PET and food grade paper: imitates the filter of the classic cigarette

- Drip tip Vilter in delrin: tight draw MTL

3 Drips Tips for the Vilter Pro

The design of the Aspire Vilter Pro vape

The pod is made of stainless steel. As for the powerbank, it was designed in zinc alloy and leather for greater comfort in hand. But also its ergonomic shape offers an excellent grip. All this with an ultra elegant design!

Its compact size (123.2 mm x 37 mm x 20.8 mm) and light weight (136 g) make it easy to carry in your pocket

Long battery life for the Vilter Pro

The ease of use of the ecig Vilter Pro

The Vilter pod is also perfect for beginners vapers by its ease of use. Indeed, to vaper you just have to inhale by putting your lips on the drip tip. The chipset of the pod ensures safety in case of short circuit, overheating, overload, low voltage and excessive discharge. The chipset of the powerbank ensures safety in case of short circuit, overheating, overload, overvoltage and over discharge.

A colour LED shows the power in volts:

- Red: 3.5V

- Blue: 3.5 to 3.8V

- Green: 3.8 to 4.2V

Detailed view of the Aspire Vilter Pro

The Vilter Pro Aspire pod comes with:

- 1 Vilter pro battery of 420 mAh

- 1 cartridge Vilter pro 2 ml

- 1 powerbank 1600 mAh

- 1 drip tip

- 3 drip tips filter

- 1 USB-C cable

- 1 user manual

The characteristics of the electronic cigarette Aspire Vilter Pro :

- Dimensions: 123.2 mm x 37 mm x 20.8 mm
- Weight: 136 g

Aspire has quickly become a reference in the world of electronic cigarettes. By offering kits, electronic boxes, clearomizers and innovative coils, reliable and effective. The Aspire brand has established itself as one of the largest manufacturers of equipment in the world of vape with its flagship models such as the Nautilus, Triton or Atlantis. A sure value to start serenely!

Capacity (ml)
Hardware format
Pod system, Mini format - discreet
Battery life
420mAh, 1600mAh
Battery type
Internal battery
Type of inhalation
Tank material
Drip Tip compatibility
Drip Tip Not replaceable, Other
Fill type
Side Filling
RBA option
Compatible coils
Built-in coil
Charging possible via USB
Country of manufacture
made in China
The team's favourite, Hot !

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