Kiwi 2 Starter Kit Limited Edition - Kiwi Vapor

1,8ml 1800mAh 400mAh Internal battery MTL
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Kiwi 2 Starter Kit Limited Edition - Kiwi Vapor
Kiwi 2 Starter Kit Limited Edition - Kiwi Vapor
Kiwi 2 Starter Kit Limited Edition - Kiwi Vapor
Kiwi 2 Starter Kit Limited Edition - Kiwi Vapor
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Treat yourself with the limited editions of the Kiwi 2 pod by the Italian brand Kiwi Vapor. Rediscover the elegant lines of the Kiwi 2 pod in two vibrant new colours, with a sublime sky blue on one side and a pink on the other that transports us to Tokyo at the peak of Sakura season.

The Kiwi 2 pod is recognised as one of the best e-cigarettes for starting your smoking cessation. You'll benefit from a tight MTL draw similar to that of a traditional cigarette, with the option of using cotton filters as a drip tip for an even more realistic experience.

The Kiwi 2 pod also offers great convenience thanks to its 1800 mAh portable powerbank. When combined with the pen and its 400 mAh, you're set for several consecutive days of vape. Another innovative feature of the Kiwi 2 pod is the activation of a slight vibration during inhalation for an even more satisfying draw sensation.

The Kiwi 2 pod has many other surprises in store, discover them just below!

1,8ml 1800mAh 400mAh Internal battery MTL

Kiwi 2 Limited Edition pod by Kiwi Vapor : The one.

Pod Kiwi 2 Limited Edition

If there's one, or two that stands out, it's the limited edition Kiwi 2 pod. Kiwi pod fans, rejoice! The Kiwi 2 pod is available in two exclusive colours: a sober, relaxing blue or a soft, bold pink. Be one of the lucky owners of one of these shimmering Kiwi 2. Like the pills in The Matrix, the choice will be a tough one, but you'll have to choose, because you're the one.

Kiwi pod 2 by Kiwi Vapor: sleek styling.

If you've already had a chance to use the first model of the Kiwi pod, you'll notice that its design remains virtually unchanged - after all, why change a tried-and-tested formula? However, the Kiwi 2 is still an upgrade, with an aluminium alloy casing instead of plastic, which accentuates its top-of-the-range appearance. What's more, a detail that may seem trivial, but the Kiwi 2 Starter kit has the distinction of being able to stand upright, adding a touch of elegance when you place it on your desk.

The operation of this Kiwi 2 pod remains faithful to that of its predecessor, with a cigarette made up of two distinct parts. You'll find a very discreet pen that connects to a powerbank offering phenomenal autonomy. Even when it's attached to the powerbank, the Kiwi pod remains an easy-to-carry e-cigarette, to the delight of both male and female vapers on the move.

Pod Kiwi 2 by Kiwi Vapor: a sharp pen!

The vape pen on the Kiwi 2 pod makes it easy to switch to vape. Devoid of any buttons, the vape device activates automatically as soon as you inhale thanks to the autodraw system. What's more, you'll be able to enjoy a tight MTL type draw, reproducing as closely as possible the sensations of smoking. The Kiwi 2 goes beyond a simple MTL draw, its pen incorporates a system of slight vibration during inhalation for an even more realistic simulation of the effect of a traditional cigarette (the vibration can be deactivated by turning the cartridge five times). Add to this a cotton filter drip tip (a polycarbonate drip tip is also included), and you won't even realise you've quit smoking.

Kiwi 2 Smart Vibration

The Kiwi 2 vape pen features a 400 mAh internal battery, the level of which is indicated by an LED K that will change from white to red once you've fallen below the 10% battery remaining mark. Equipped with a USB-C port, you can recharge the vape pen via a USB-C cable, but also and more importantly using the Kiwi 2 powerbank.

Pod Kiwi 2 by Kiwi Vapor: an even more powerful powerbank

For this second iteration of the Kiwi pod, Kiwi Vapor has increased the capacity of the powerbank from 1450 mAh to 1800 mAh, offering a total autonomy of 2200 mAh by combining it with the 400 mAh of the vape pen. And that's not all, thanks to its USB-C port for charging the powerbank, you also have the option of using the Kiwi 2 pod powerbank to charge other electronic devices.

Powerbank Kiwi 2

The Kiwi 2 pen now charges automatically as soon as it's clipped to the powerbank. A soft touch button lets you check the powerbank's charge level, which is elegantly displayed by 4 white LEDs. The Kiwi 2 pod powerbank lets you enjoy several days of vape while being 100% nomadic (four full vape pen recharges).

Pod Kiwi 2 by Kiwi Vapor: next-gen cartridges.

The Kiwi 2 cartridges also come with their fair share of new features. The tank capacity has been increased slightly, now accommodating 1.8ml of e-liquid. These cartridges feature a child safety lock, involving the lowering of a metal part to access the filler hole, so if your little one manages to open this, you've got a little genius on your hands.

A little advantage that's particularly practical in the world of vape: the Kiwi 2 cartridges incorporate a protection system called "Low liquid reminder", designed to prevent you from taking a puff when the tank is empty. That unpleasant, burnt-taste experience is now a distant memory. A vibration will signal you that it's time to replenish your Kiwi 2 pod with e-liquid.

Kiwi 2 Low Liquid Reminder

In this kit, you'll receive a Kiwi 2 cartridge, the 0.8 ohm mesh coils are integrated and allow for the most enjoyable vaping with rich flavours and generous vapour production for an MTL vape. You'll also receive a disposable cotton filter drip tip and a reusable polycarbonate drip tip.

- Kiwi 2 0.8 ohm Mesh cartridge: MTL draw - PG/VG ratio between 70PG/30VG and 50PG/50VG - recommended nicotine levels up to 20 mg/ml.

For even greater simplicity, the Kiwi Pod disposable cartridges, pre-filled with e-liquid, are also compatible with the Kiwi 2 pod.

Comparative Kiwi and Kiwi 2 pods:

Comparative Kiwi pods

How to refill your Kiwi 2 cartridge:

  • Remove the cartridge from the Kiwi 2 pen by pulling on it.
  • Remove the metal base from the cartridge.
  • Open the silicone tab, fill and then close.
  • Remove the metal base.
  • Remove the cartridge onto the Kiwi 2 pen.

How to replace your Kiwi 2 cartridge:

  • Remove the cartridge from the Kiwi 2 pen.
  • Install another cartridge in its place.
  • Integrated coil so if it is out, replace the entire cartridge.
  • If the cartridge is new, let the coil soak in e-liquid for 10 minutes before vaping.

Dimensions of the Kiwi 2 pod:

105 × 40 × 19 mm

The Kiwi 2 pod kit from Kiwi Vapor contains:

  • 1x Vape pen Kiwi 2 limited edition
  • 1x Powerbank Kiwi 2 limited edition
  • 1x Cartridge Kiwi 2 0.8 ohm
  • 1x Disposable cotton filter drip tip
  • 1x Polycarbonate drip tip
  • 1x USB-C cable
  • 1x User manual
  • 1x Warranty card
Capacity (ml)
Hardware format
Pod system
Battery life (mah)
1800mAh, 400mAh
Battery type
Internal battery
Type of inhalation
Fill type
Side Filling
Charging possible via USB
Charging connection
Country of manufacture
made in China

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