P series coils - Geek Vape | Pack x5

DTL Pack with 5 units
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P series coils - Geek Vape | Pack x5
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Geek Vape P series replacement coils for Aegis boost pro pod, Aegis boost pro 21700 pod, Aegis Eteno E100 pod, Aegis Eteno E100i podAegis boost pro cartridge with coils, Aegis boost pro 2-pack without coil, Z100C DNA pod, Z100C cartridge, Aegis Boost Pro 2 cartridges and the Aegis Boost Pro 2 B100 podmod.

3 models are available: 0.15 ohm, 0.2 ohm and 0.4 ohm. The mesh technology of kanthal A1 promotes the production of steam and an excellent rendering of flavors of e-liquids.

Perfect for a DL air draw.

Sold by box of 5 units.

DTL Pack with 5 units

P Series Coils by Geek Vape

Buy the pack of 5 P Series coils from Geek Vape.

With what equipment to use the Geek Vape P coils ?

P coils coils are compatible with pod Aegis boost pro, the pod Aegis boost pro 21700, Aegis Eteno E100 pod, Aegis Eteno E100i as well as the cartridge Aegis boost pro with coils, the pack of 2 cartridges Aegis boost pro without coil, the pack of 2 cartridges Eteno E100, the pod Z100C DNA, the z100C cartridge, the Aegis Boost Pro 2 cartridges and the Aegis Boost Pro 2 B100 podmod.


The different models of coils P series of Geek Vape

The P series coils are manufactured with kanthal A1 mesh technology to obtain a dense vapor and exceptional flavors.

- P series of 0.15 ohm (mesh): new mesh for a longer life and boosts the flavors - very airy draw (large volume of flavorful steam) - to be used between 70 and 85W - ratio 50PG/50VG to 20PG/80VG - Low nicotine content

- P series of 0.2 ohm (mesh): aerial vape DL with more clouds of steam - to use between 60 and 70W - ratio 50PG/50VG or 30PG/70VG - Low nicotine rate

- P series 0.4 ohm (mesh ): DL aerial vape with more flavors - use between 50 and 60W - ratio 50PG/50VG or 30PG/70VG - Low nicotine rate

How to replace the coil P coil Geek Vape on the pod Aegis boost pro?

To replace the coil, detach the cartridge from the battery and pull on the damaged coil with the coil removal tool. Prime a new one and push it into the slot. Replace it, fill and wait 10 minutes before vaping so that the cotton has time to soak in e-liquid.

Attention, it is necessary to change your coil about every 2 weeks depending on your use. Remember to replace your coil when you change flavor or you feel a burnt taste.

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Pack with 5 units
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