Battery Wrap 18650 x10 - Freevap

Battery Wrap 18650 x10 - Freevap
Battery Wrap 18650 x10 - Freevap

Give your batteries a second youth with the 18650 battery wrap made in Freevap.

A battery with a damaged wrap is not the best security, so use this Freevap 18650 battery wrap to restore your batteries and make them more stylish at the same time. Enjoy peace of mind with the Freevap 18650 battery wrap.

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Attention: This is a wrap to protect your 18650 batteries, the battery is not included.

Wrap Accu 18650 Freevap : Vape safe.

Preserve the safety of your batteries and your e-cigarette with the wrap 18650 Freevap battery that can replace a damaged wrap. For this, you just have to :

  • Remove the wrap from your battery, avoiding the use of metal objects (scissors, knives, pliers etc).
  • Remove the insulating washer from the positive pole.
  • Insert the battery into the wrap, placing it in the center of the wrap.
  • Replace the washer on the positive pole and hold it in place with the wrap.
  • Use a hair dryer to heat the wrap evenly. At a certain temperature, the wrap will stick to the battery.
  • Keep heating until the wrap is completely stuck to the battery (be careful not to overheat the battery).

Now you have a battery that looks as good as new.

Characteristics of the 18650 Freevap battery wrap:

  • Sold individually.
  • Only works with 18650 batteries.
Sold individually
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