DIY Concentrate Bloody Dragon - Fruizee | 10ml

10ml Fresh Fruity Dragon fruit Grape Blackcurrant Fresh
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DIY Concentrate Bloody Dragon - Fruizee | 10ml
DIY Concentrate Bloody Dragon - Fruizee | 10ml
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The French brand Fruizee will once again delight your taste buds with its fruity and extra fresh recipes available in DIY flavors.

The Bloody Dragon will transport you to another world with its taste of dragon fruit full of exoticism, juicy grapes and intense blackcurrant followed by an even more intense freshness. Make a fresh fruity e-liquid, sweet as you like, which will be difficult to resist.

Put on your chemist's coat, get out your vials and pipettes. It's up to you to get the best out of this concentrate by using it alone or mixing it with other flavors to create your own formula!

Warning, this is a concentrated flavor for your DIY eliquids, it is not consumable as it is and must be diluted in a PG/VG base.

Recommended dosage for a base 50PG/50VG: 15%.

To let mature 5 days.

Made in France.

Warning this product requires a DIY base kit
10ml Fresh Fruity Dragon fruit Grape Blackcurrant Fresh 15 From 3 to 5 days made in France
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Fruizee Bloody Dragon 10 ml DIY Concentrate

Discover an exotic, sweet and above all totally frosty concentrated flavor from the French brand Fruizee. The Bloody Dragon accompanies its powerful dose of freshness with an original and well thought-out fruity trio of dragon fruit, grape and blackcurrant. A real delight!

What is the DIY Bloody Dragon Fruizee concentrate and how to use it?

Bloody Dragon Concentrate is packaged in a 10 ml bottle. By adding a small amount of Bloody Dragon DIY, you will be able to give wings to your recipe of homemade e-liquid. Be careful, do not consume it as is, you could spend a bad quarter of an hour! Yes, too much taste kills the taste.

It must imperatively be mixed with a base PG / VG. For this concentrate, the recommended dosage for a base 50PG/50VG is 15%. Once your concentrate added, it is necessary to proceed to a maturation (steeping) of your eliquid DIY. Here, let mature 5 days to finally enjoy the result of your hard work.

Characteristics of the concentrate Bloody Dragon of Fruizee :

- PET bottle of 10 ml with child safety

- Made in France

Capacity (ml)
Fresh, Fruity
Dragon fruit, Grape, Blackcurrant, Fresh
Recommended dosage
Maturing Time
From 3 to 5 days
Hardware format
Country of manufacture
made in France

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