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50ml 50 PG - 50 GV Drinks Tobacco Sweet Rum Vanilla Classic blond
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Find your soul of adventurer with the liquid Muscavado, made in France by Flavor Hit. Put yourself in the shoes of Blackbeard, hoist the black flag, arm the cannons, let's plunder this galleon and then feast in drunkenness and taste the pleasures of the winery… forgive me, I'm getting carried away. Let us return to our sheep.

The Muscavado liquid then, 50 ml offering a cocktail as explosive as gunpowder that smells like the Caribbean of the 17ᵉ century with its vanilla arranged rum and subtle blond tobacco.

Unicorn bottle of 60 ml containing 50 ml of liquid with boosted flavours. If necessary, dilute it with nicotine boosters (not included) to get the desired dose. 1 booster for 3 mg/ml and 2 boosters for 6 mg/ml (provide an external container for the 6 mg/ml).

PG / VG ratio: 50/50 Adapting to all types of materials.

Rate of nicotine: 0 mg/ml.

Made in France.

Warning this product requires a booster
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50ml 50 PG - 50 GV Drinks Tobacco Sweet Rum Vanilla Classic blond made in France

E-Liquid shortfill 50 ml Muscavado by Flavor Hit, heading to the new world.

The crew of the ship Flavor Hit crossed winds and tides in search of the ingredients necessary for its recipe of e-liquid. Direction Barbados to select the finest rum, a push to Yucatan to extract the most fragrant vanilla and finally a final turn to Louisiana to haggle a blond tobacco of great subtlety

It is the hold well filled that the ship returns to the French lands in order to develop the precious liquid and bottle it by doses of 50 ml to distribute it throughout the old continent to your mailbox.

How to use the e-liquid shortfill Muscavado ?

Your e-liquid Muscavado will arrive in a unicorn bottle of 60 ml filled with 50 ml of succulent liquid boosted in flavours. This juice can be diluted with nicotine boosters (not supplied) to obtain the desired dose of nicotine:

- 1 booster for 3 mg/ml

- 2 boosters for 6 mg/ml (provide an external container).

Characteristics of the e-liquid Muscavado of Flavor Hit

Bottle of 60 ml in P.E.T with child safety.

PG / VG ratio: 50/50. Fits all types of equipment.

Rate of nicotine: 0 mg/ml.

Made in France.

Capacity (ml)
PG/VG ratio or vegetol
50 PG - 50 GV
Types of flavor
Drinks, Tobacco, Sweet
Aromatic notes
Rum, Vanilla, Classic blond
Nicotine content in mg/ml
Free volume for nicotine shots in ml
Country of manufacture
made in France

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