DIY Concentrate Nagashi - Fighter Fuel DIY by Maison Fuel | 30 ml

30ml Fruity Fresh Cherry Red berries Fresh 0 mg

Fighter Fuel fighters return to the ring, this time in the DIY category. Fighter Fuel DIY offers you flavors in which all the fruits are allowed, even the little frosty shots below the belt. The Fighters of the House Fuel will be merciless with your PG / VG bases.

Nagashi sees life in red, the ideal snack for this robust warrior is the antioxidants of cherries, the vitamins of red fruits and the hemoglobin of his enemies at the end of his blade. Wherever Nagashi goes, the blood freezes, and the worthless pass away.

Attention, this is a concentrated flavor for your e-liquids DIY, it is not consumable as is and must be diluted in a base PG / VG.

Recommended dosage for a base 50PG/50VG: 9%.

To let mature at least 7 days.

Warning this product requires a DIY base kit
30ml Fruity Fresh Cherry Red berries Fresh 0 mg 9 At least 7 days
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Fighter Fuel DIY Nagashi 30ml Concentrate

With the Fighter Fuel DIY line, you have everything you need to make a fresh, fruity black belt level home juice.

Nagashi concentrated flavor will please red fruit lovers. This tangy red fruit blend has a guest star of sorts, with a plump cherry making an appearance. All of this beauty is topped with a freshness that elevates the fruity taste without masking it.

What is DIY Nagashi concentrate and how do I use it?

Nagashi concentrated flavor is packaged in a 30 ml bottle. By adding a small dose of this concentrate to your base, you will release all its aromatic power in your DIY recipe. Be careful, do not consume it as is! It must imperatively be mixed with a base PG / VG. For this concentrate, the recommended dosage for a 50PG/50VG base is 9%. Once your concentrate is added, it is necessary to proceed to a maturation (steeping) of your eliquid DIY. Here, let mature at least 7 days.

Characteristics of the concentrate Nagashi :

- PET bottle recyclable 30 ml with child safety

- Made in France

Capacity (ml)
Fruity, Fresh
Cherry, Red berries, Fresh
Nicotine content in mg/ml
0 mg
Recommended dosage
Maturing Time
At least 7 days
Hardware format

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