Aegis Hero H45 Cartridges - Geek Vape | Pack x2

4ml Multifunctional

Aegis Hero H45 cartridges from Geekvape compatible with Aegis Hero 2 (H45) and Aegis Hero 3 (H45 Classic) pods. Aegis Hero H45 replacement cartridges let you change e-liquid at the flick of a switch, and replace a tank that's been through the wringer.

Geekvape's Aegis Hero H45 cartridges make life easier with top-filling of its 4 ml tank. As a result, you won't need to remove the cartridge from the podmod to refill the juice. These are the kind of little details that make all the difference. You'll also find an adjustable airflow for a vape sensation that suits you 100%.

Compatible with the excellent b Series coils from Geekvape (sold separately), coils that offer a wide spectrum of vape possibilities, from DL to MTL, thanks to their wide range of ohm values.

Sold in packs of 2 without coils.

4ml Multifunctional

Geekvape Aegis Hero (H45) replacement cartridges

This pack of two Aegis Hero (H45) cartridges makes your life easier by letting you change e-liquid ultra-easily, one cartridge per juice and the flavors will be well preserved. As you're never safe from clumsiness, it's a good idea to always have a small supply of cartridges on hand to replace a damaged tank. Aegis Hero H45 replacement cartridges offer you the simplicity of top-filling and the luxury of adjustable airflow built into the cartridge.

What equipment should I use the Aegis Hero H45 replacement cartridge with?

The Geekvape Aegis Hero (H45) cartridge is compatible with :

- Aegis Hero 2 pod (H45)

- Aegis Hero 3 pod (H45 Classic)

What are the features of the Geekvape Aegis Hero H45 cartridge?

Aegis Hero H45 replacement cartridges feature a PCTG reservoir holding up to 4 ml of e-liquid. Filling from above the cartridge means you can refuel without having to remove the cartridge from the battery. Armed with an adjustable airflow directly integrated into the cartridge, you can fine-tune the airflow for vaping just the way you like it. You can also spice up your setup with a replaceable 510 drip tip.

The cartridge is compatible with b Series coils by Geekvape (sold separately) except for the 0.2 ohm model, which is a little too power-hungry for H45 pods.

- 0.3 ohm B Series coils: DL aerial vape - for use between 30 and 38W - ratio 50PG/50VG to 20PG/80VG - compatible with e-liquids with low nicotine levels (up to 6 mg/ml).

- 0.4 ohm B series coils: DL aerial vaping - for use between 25 and 33W - ratio 50PG/50VG to 20PG/80VG - compatible with e-liquids with low nicotine levels (up to 6 mg/ml).

- 0.6 ohm B series coils: semi-restrictive RDL - for use between 15 and 25W - ratio 50PG/50VG to 30PG/70VG - compatible with e-liquids containing up to 9 mg/ml nicotine.

- 1.2 ohm B Series coils: MTL tight vape - use between 10 and 14W - ratio 70PG/30VG to 50PG/50VG - compatible with nicotine salts, CBD and high nicotine content e-liquids.

Geekvape's B Series coils, designed in mesh or kanthal A1, offer excellent rendition of the flavors of your favorite juices. What's more, their wide range of values means there's something for every vape.

How to fill your Aegis Hero H45 cartridge:

Remplissage de la cartouche Aegis Hero H45

  • Open the silicone tab and fill with e-liquid.
  • Close and go.
  • Leave to rest for ten minutes if the coil is new.

How to replace a coil on your Aegis Hero H45 cartridge:

Changer une résistance sur la cartouche Aegis H45

  • Remove the cartridge from the pod.
  • Insert the coil under the cartridge.
  • Replace the cartridge on the pod.

Depending on your use, you should change your coil every 2 weeks or so. Remember to replace your coil when you change flavor or smell a burnt taste.

Capacity (ml)
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Top Filling
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B series coils
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