Box Pro Side Mini QI Pipeline Edition (SBS 18350 Qi) - Dicodes

18350 60W 24mm

German manufacturer Dicodes innovates once again with the SBS (Side by Side) Pro Side Mini QI mod, here in Pipeline edition. This mod will surprise you with its ultra-compact size, the world's smallest high-end mod, no less. Dicodes mean quality, and you can feel it as soon as you hold this Pro Side Mini Qi in the palm of your hand. Constructed from sturdy stainless steel, this little munchkin weighs in at 99g without an atomizer, and it's no piece of junk.

The Pro Side Mini Qi offers a power range from 5 to 60W and is equipped with the chipset Dicodes, which is probably one of the best on the market. Experts will be in heaven with numerous modes (Power, Power Boost, Bypass, TC and HC) and multiple customizable options.

To run this little gem, you'll need to arm yourself with a 18350 battery (sold separately) and to recharge it, there, ladies and gentlemen, we reach the peak of style. In fact, this mod comes with an induction charger on which you can simply place your box for super-practical wireless recharging. More details just below!

18350 60W 24mm

Mod Pro Side Mini Qi Pipeline edition by Dicodes : The tiny high end box

Mod Pipelin Pro Side Mini Qi by Dicodes

You've never seen one so small, and for good reason, it's the smallest High-end mod in the world. But German manufacturer Dicodes knows that size isn't everything, which is why you'll also find high-quality materials. As the elegantly brushed stainless steel construction clearly demonstrates, once in hand this Dicodes mod makes a statement, its presence and premium appeal are clearly felt. It's hard not to notice the "deutsche qualität" of this German-made mod.

A single button, a small 0.5" OLED screen and elegant Pipeline engraving, the whole thing offers a minimalist rendering that's very pleasing to the eye. Accompany it with an atomizer in the same color, and you've reached the holy grail of vape. Speaking of atomizer, this Pipeline Pro Side Mini Qi mod offers a 24 mm diameter deck. And as it's an SBS mod, for optimum comfort, you'll need an atomizer at least 25 mm high with the supplied 18350 battery cap; 18650 and 18500 battery caps are also available as options. Then, don't hesitate to make us dream by sharing your setups on the Facebook group Communauté Freevap.

Mod Pipeline Pro Side Mini Qi : A royal chipset

Dicodes does things from A to Z, in addition to sumptuous designs, they also take care of all the electronic design of their mods including their own chipset which is one of the best on the market. The latter offers several modes to delight vape experts with numerous options and tailor-made vaping in a power range from 5 to 60W.

- Power Mode: Manual power setting in watts.

- Power Boost Mode: Identical to Power mode but with a peppier inhalation start.

- HP (Heat Protection) mode: Avoids dry hits by cutting the power supply if the coil heats up too much due to a lack of e-liquid.

- Bypass mode: For die-hard users of mech mods.

- TC mode: To regulate the temperature of your coil.

To further optimize the responsiveness of its chipset, Dicodes has opted for a beryllium copper 510 pin to maximize conductivity.

Pipeline Pro Side Mini Qi mod: Accu 18350

The Pipeline Pro Side Mini Qi mod as is, works with a 18350 battery (not included). So it'll be perfect for MTL use if you don't want to recharge your mod every 5 puffs. This little 18350 battery allows this mod to preserve its super-cute mini look. If you want to push the watts a little further, it's possible to install an 18650 or 18500 battery by purchasing battery caps, which are sold separately.

Mod Pipeline Pro Side Mini Qi: Ultra-smart recharging

The little detail that hits the nail on the head, with this mod comes a Dicodes Qi charger. This charger allows you to recharge your battery by induction. All you have to do is place the box on the cradle and recharging will take place automatically. It's a very practical system: just place it on your desk, and your Pro Side Mini Qi mod will always be ready to rock. You're going to make some people jealous, the USB-C port is so 2023.

Although very stylish, induction recharging can take quite a long time, so no worries during sedentary periods, but if you start wandering, opt for an external charger (sold separately).

Dimensions of the mod Pro Side Mini Qi Pipeline edition:

Dimensions du mod Pipeline Proside Mini Qi par Dicodes

The box Pro Side Mini Qi Pipeline edition and comes with:

  • 1x Mod Pipeline Pro Side Mini Qi (Battery cap 18350)
  • 1x Dicodes Qi induction charger
  • 1x NiFe 30 resistive wire sample
Hardware format
Battery type
Maximum power
With settings
Charging possible via USB
Country of manufacture
made in Germany

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