Eighties - 80'S - Édition Oldies by Curieux | 50ml "Shortfill 70ml"

50ml 40PG (Vege) | 60VG Fruity Sweet Fresh Cotton candy Red berries Fresh

Oldies, the new range by Curieux that will make you relive the eras with nostalgia and desire. Embark on a journey through the American universe and travel through the distinct decades:

Eighties, bright neon lights, synthetic music, fluorescent clothing, welcome to the 80s! 1981, Miami, croc-top, over size shirt open, from the top of her roller skates, Kate enjoys a gigantic cotton candy red fruit flavor. A delicacy that has become timeless!

Unicorn bottle of 70 ml with 50 ml of liquid in boosted flavors inside. To dilute with nicotine boosters (not included) to obtain the desired dose. 1 booster for 3 mg/ml and 2 boosters for 6 mg/ml.

Ratio PG Vegetal/VG: 40/60. Adapted to all types of equipment.

Rate of nicotine: 0 mg/ml.

Made in France.

Warning this product requires a booster
50ml 40PG (Vege) | 60VG Fruity Sweet Fresh Cotton candy Red berries Fresh made in France
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eLiquid Eighties - 80's from the Oldies range : Cotton candy Red Fruits !

Curieux has no place to make in the world of vape, but returns strong with its range Oldies. A range inspired by great times that have marked the American history. Liquids with fruity flavors, fresh and greedy are offered to you!

Curieux has taken care to design its e-liquids with a base of vegetable propylene glycol. The PG plant is less aggressive in the throat and allows a better restitution of flavors for a healthier and more enjoyable vape.

The e-liquid Eighties - 80's, is a fruity and sweet recipe of cotton candy and red fruit.

How to use your e-liquid Eighties - 80's :

Uncork your bottle of boosted flavors 50 ml
Pour the booster (s) inside
Shake vigorously to mix
Let stand a few minutes and vape!

Characteristics of the e-liquid Eighties Edition Oldies by the creators of Curieux :

Boosted flavors bottle of 50ml in 70ml to dilute with nicotine boosters to get the desired dosage: 1 booster for 3 mg/ml and 2 boosters for 6 mg/ml.
Composition: vegetable propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin and flavors.
E-liquid without nicotine.
P.E.T bottle with child safety cap.
PG Vegetable/VG: 40/60.
Made in France.

Capacity (ml)
PG/VG ratio or vegetol
40PG (Vege) | 60VG
Fruity, Sweet, Fresh
Cotton candy, Red berries, Fresh
Nicotine content in mg/ml
0 mg
Free volume for nicotine shots in ml
Type of inhalation
Multifunctional, DTL, RDL, MTL
Country of manufacture
made in France
FDS 0mg

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