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18650 60W

The French manufacturer Créavap designs e-cigarette or rather e-pipes of exception for those who want to break the mold and stand out from the crowd. Walk in the footsteps of the greatest, Van Gogh, Brassens or Gandalf by adopting the pipes Créavap handmade in France with high quality materials.

In this box, you will enjoy the Gandalf model in its DNA60 version, one of the best chipsets in the fantastic world of vape thanks to its impeccable responsiveness. To accompany you in your journey through Middle Earth, the 60 W of maximum power of the Gandalf DNA60 pipe are powered by a 18650 battery (not included). The vaping is done using a button elegantly hidden in the wood of the pipe.

In your box, you will receive a stem Churchwarden 175 mm long and 14 mm in diameter with a drip tip 510 to fit on the clearomizer of your choice. Choose a 22 mm diameter ato to perfect your Tolkienesque pipe (atomizer not included).

18650 60W

Gandalf DNA60 Electronic Pipe Set: Handcrafted Fantasy

In this box, you will find much more than an electronic cigarette, it is a real object of craftsmanship that Créavap has designed for you with a kit containing the pipe Gandalf DNA60 and stem Churchwarden 8 ". The Gandalf DNA60 pipe can boast a 100% French manufacture in real wood that will not fail to mark the spirits by its quality and impeccable finishes. The stem is made of acrylic for excellent durability and resistance to heating. With a length of 175 mm and a diameter of 14 mm this stem increases your XP of charisma by 100 points.

The Gandalf DNA60 electronic pipe will appeal to non-conformists and lovers of quality products from a technical and aesthetic point of view. Moreover, the immersion will be total during your next viewing of the Lord of the Rings saga or your reading of Tolkien's books in a beautiful Chesterfield chair.

Aware of the fact that it will be difficult to store such an object in your pocket and that its beauty must be proudly displayed. Créavap has designed beautiful stands (sold separately) to be found right here → Créavap ePipes stands.

Gandalf DNA60 E-Pipe, performance to match its looks

To ensure a vape experience as magical and fantastic as the Tolkien universe from start to finish, the Gandalf DNA60 pipe had to have the best chipset and it is done. Créavap has incorporated the DNA60 chipset in this little gem. The DNA60 chipset offers Sam Gamegie-like reliability and the precision and responsiveness of a Legolas arrow shot.

With a maximum power of 60 watts, the Gandalf DNA60 pipe operates in bypass mode. The power will automatically adapt to the resistance installed and the level of battery remaining at each puff engaged thanks to the fire button located on the wooden part of the e-pipe. To supply all this energy, unfortunately your Gandalf magic will not be enough, you will need a 18650 battery (not provided).

Choosing the right clearomizer for the e-pipe Gandalf DNA60 18650

Although theoretically, you can install any clearomizer with a pin 510 on your pipe Gandalf DNA60, for a flush result it will be necessary to opt for an atomizer of 22 mm in diameter. The manufacturer Créavap recommends the use of Innokin Zlide D22 which blends perfectly with their pipes, but you are free to use the model that you cherish most. It is good to know that the relatively long stems of electronic pipes Créavap are more suitable for vaping in indirect or direct inhalation restrictive, so avoid clearomizers sub-ohms for an optimal experience.

Dimensions of the pack e-pipe Gandalf DNA60 18650 + Stem Churchwarden 8"

Dimensions de l'e-pipe Gandalf DNA60

The box Creavap Gandalf DNA60 18650 contains:

  • 1 electronic pipe Gandalf DNA60 18650
  • 1 stem Churchwarden 8"
Hardware format
Battery type
Maximum power
Up to 22mm
Charging possible via USB
Country of manufacture
made in France

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