Set ePipe Scarcrow 18650 - Créavap

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Set ePipe Scarcrow 18650 - Créavap
Set ePipe Scarcrow 18650 - Créavap
Set ePipe Scarcrow 18650 - Créavap
Set ePipe Scarcrow 18650 - Créavap
Set ePipe Scarcrow 18650 - Créavap
Set ePipe Scarcrow 18650 - Créavap
Set ePipe Scarcrow 18650 - Créavap
Set ePipe Scarcrow 18650 - Créavap
Set ePipe Scarcrow 18650 - Créavap
Set ePipe Scarcrow 18650 - Créavap
Set ePipe Scarcrow 18650 - Créavap
Set ePipe Scarcrow 18650 - Créavap
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Discover the authentic handcrafted wood essence ePipes from Créavap, a whole high-end range worked with exceptional materials.

The Scarcrow box, as a worthy representative of its lineage, will make you take in hand an outstanding vape. With its mechanical operation, this ePipe provides a ByPass vape, its power depends on the charge of its 18650 battery (not included).

With the Scarcrow the finish is perfect, and the grip is excellent! Just use your thumb to trigger the aluminium switch embossed with the Créavap logo and enjoy your favourite flavours through the Scar stem. Its drip-tip 510 elongated and slightly curved.

For optimal use, Créavap recommends the use of clearomizer Zlide D22 (not included).

The box does not provide a clearomizer, nor the Créavap support presented on the pictures.

Warning this product requires an atomizer

Creavap's ePipe Scarcrow 18650 box: the high-end craft vape!

This is a mechanical mod that has no protection. It is extremely important to understand how mechanical equipment works and to match it with the right resistors


Sold without clearomizer

Enjoy luxurious vape and incredible style with the Scarcrow box from Créavap. The Scarcrow is an authentic wooden mechanical ePipe to which you can install a 22mm diameter atomizer. The manufacturer recommends the Zlide D22 for optimal use, but you are free to make your own tests on the pin 510 spring connector.
On the technical side, the Scarcrow ePipe works like a classic mecha mod, it will deliver a ByPass vape whose power will depend on the charge of your battery. It is therefore essential to understand this mode of operation to use this equipment safely.

Recommendations for using your Créavap ePipe Scarcrow box


In order to guarantee the best use and maintenance of your ePipe, here are some recommendations from the manufacturer.

Wood of the ePipe: The bowl of your ePipe being made of waxed wood, a patina will inevitably form. This is the normal evolution of the product, but if you don't like it, just rub it vigorously with a soft cloth soaked in wax to make it shine.
Do not expose it to the sun, and do not let it get soaked in liquid.

Switch: The switch is not lockable, so make sure that there is no battery in the ePipe when you transport it.

The spring at the bottom of the bowl: In case of a fault (short circuit), the spring at the bottom of the bowl of your ePipe will be crushed for safety. When you have found the cause of the malfunction, you can stretch it with a pair of pliers to return it to its original shape.

Connector: it is very important that the connector stays dry. Wipe it regularly to remove all traces of liquid. It is also important not to over tighten your atomizers. The central stud is self-adjusting, it is not necessary to force. A simple screwing to the contact is enough

Dimensions and technical specifications of Créavap's Scarcrow 18650 ePipe set

- Mechanical E-pipe.
- Output voltage: 3.7V
- Compatible battery: 18650
- Connector: 510 adjustable by pin on spring 22mm
- Bowl diameter: 38mm
- Bowl height: 94mm
- Black Delrin liner
- Aluminium switch engraved with Créavap logo

The Créavap 18650 ePipe Scarcrow set contains :

1 ePipe Scarcrow
1 stem Scar

The Creavap adventure was born in 2012. A bit by chance and above all by passion, the brand has met with enormous success in the closed world of high-end vape by offering luxurious e-pipes made in a traditional way. Today, Créavap has become a household name and is constantly imagining the vape of tomorrow!

Battery type
Up to 22mm
Country of manufacture
made in France

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