Filter Drip Tips Wenax - Geek Vape | x10 Pack

Pack x10

Experience new sensations with these cotton filters from Geekvape, compatible with Wenax M1 filter version cartridges as well as Geekvape's S cartridges. Rediscover your Wenax pod with these filters, which brilliantly simulate the sensations of smoking to make the transition to vape a smooth one.

Sold in packs of 10 units.

Pack x10

Replacement filters for Wenax M1 cartridge filter version and S cartridges

Have the most realistic experience with these cotton filters that can be attached to Wenax M1 cartridge filter version or the S cartridges. Perfect for beginners who want to rediscover the sensations of cigarettes when they first start vaping. These cotton filters offer indirect inhalation (MTL) and will give you excellent flavor rendition thanks to the coils of the Wenax cartridges.

Sold by pack of 10 filters.

Caution: Only compatible with Wenax M1 filter version cartridges, cannot be used with standard Wenax M1 cartridges.

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Pack x10
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made in China

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