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30ml Tobacco Tobacco macerate Oriental Classic Honey

Don Cristo the Canadian brand specializing in classic premium e-liquids, invites you to recreate their must-have creations at home with a range of concentrates in 30 ml format.

Don Cristo Blond concentrate lets you create a DIY e-liquid worthy of a true Don. Grab your flasks and pipettes - it's time to make an intensely flavorful juice. This concentrate draws its aromatic strength from a macerate of oriental tobacco, offering a classic perfume at its peak, before a nuance of honey adds sweetness and complexity. Don Cristo doesn't use sucralose, so you'll avoid overly sweet notes that can be sickening and do your coils no favors.

Please note: this is a concentrated flavoring for DIY e-liquids, it cannot be consumed as is, and must be diluted in a PG/VG base.

Recommended dosage for a 50PG/50VG base: 20%.

Allow to mature for 14 days.

Warning this product requires a DIY base kit
30ml Tobacco Tobacco macerate Oriental Classic Honey 20 At least 14 days made in Canada
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DIY 30 ml Don Cristo Blond concentrate from PGVG Labs

Save a little dough by creating your own e-liquid with this 30 ml concentrated flavor from Canadian brand Don Cristo. Don Cristo e-liquids and concentrates are designed to exacting specifications, and their classic flavors are extracted naturally through a maceration process of real tobacco leaves. Containing no sucralose, this concentrate avoids sugar-saturated notes and premature wear and tear on your resistors.

This Don Cristo Blond concentrate is for those who love e-liquids with rich flavors. You'll find an intense taste of classic oriental with clean, woody notes, before finishing with a honey scent that brings a hint of sweetness to the inhalation.

What is Don Cristo Blond DIY concentrate and how do I use it?

DIY Don Cristo Blond Concentrate is packaged in a 30 ml bottle. By adding a small amount, you'll be able to flavor your DIY eliquid recipe. But don't use it as is! It must be mixed with a PG/VG base. For this concentrate, the recommended dosage for a 50PG/50VG base is 20%. Once you've added your concentrate, it's time to steep your DIY eliquid. Here, let it mature for 14 days.

Don Cristo Blond concentrate features:

- Child-resistant 30 ml PET bottle.

- Made in Canada.

Capacity (ml)
Tobacco macerate, Oriental Classic, Honey
Recommended dosage
Maturing Time
At least 14 days
Hardware format
Country of manufacture
made in Canada

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